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Month: October 2015

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Accused of Computer Fraud? What to Do

Fighting computer fraud is a top priority for many law enforcement agencies across the country. As a result, more and more people are suddenly finding themselves facing serious criminal charges often without even realizing that they were under investigation. If...Read More

Court Day? What to Expect

When your court date arrives, you need to be ready. This includes not only having a thoroughly-prepared defense but understanding what to expect in the courtroom as well. Whether you are facing charges for simple marijuana possession or a serious...Read More

Marijuana Legalization The Latest News

With the majority of Americans now favoring the legalization of recreational marijuana and many of the scientific and medical arguments against marijuana being called into question, more and more states are getting on the path to legalization. Keep in mind,...Read More

Should You Cooperate with Prosecutors Pros and Cons?

When someone is trying to put you behind bars, you may feel inclined to give them the cold shoulder (or worse). But, under the right circumstances, it can actually be worthwhile to cooperate with prosecutors. This, however, comes with an...Read More