Month: December 2015

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Common Types of Medicare Fraud

According from a report published in The Economist last year, Medicare fraud and other forms of healthcare fraud cost the federal government $272 billion per year. This amounts to roughly 10 percent of the nation’s annual healthcare budget of $2.7...Read More

How Synthetic Drug Possession Is Handled in Federal Court?

In 1986, Congress enacted the Controlled Substance Analogue Enforcement Act (CSAEA) in order to combat the sale and use of synthetic drugs (also referred to as “analogues”) that mimic the effects of illegal controlled substances. If you are facing trafficking...Read More

What is the Deadline for Filing a Notice of Appeal in Federal Court?

If you have been convicted of a crime in federal court and want to file an appeal, you need to start working with a federal criminal appellate lawyer now. You do not need to work with the same lawyer who...Read More

Why You Need the Right Lawyer for Your Federal Drug Case?

There are plenty of criminal defense lawyers who handle state court matters and are excellent at what they do. These lawyers spend their days working with their clients to address evidentiary matters that arise in state court, they are familiar...Read More

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