Month: March 2016

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How to Get Bond in Federal Court

One of the most important questions in the early stages of any federal criminal case is the question of the bond. At the initial appearance, a U.S. magistrate judge will decide whether the accused will be released pending further judicial...Read More

Bail and Bond in Federal Cases

Many of our clients are surprised when they find out just how different it is to face charges in federal court, as opposed to going before a state court. One of the major differences involves the issues of bail and...Read More

An Explosive Combination: Tricare & Compound Pharmacies

At The Criminal Defense Firm, we have been at the forefront of defending physicians, distributors, marketers, compound pharmacies, and pharmacy executives in Tricare fraud investigations. We also regularly work with our clients to develop Tricare compliance programs, in order to...Read More

Tricare, Medicare & DOL Referrals: Should Marketers Receive Commissions for Federal Business?

A common question that we receive from both physicians and healthcare marketers is whether a marketer can receive commissions for finding federally funded patients including providing Medicare, Medicaid, Department of Labor, and Tricare referrals. Unfortunately, this question is more complicated...Read More

The Legal Pitfalls of Telemedicine

Our firm represents healthcare providers nationwide who are facing federal investigations into their telemedicine practices. The following is a brief summary of the legal risks associated with telehealth and telemedicine practice under United States federal law. If you are a...Read More

Defending Against Health Care Fraud Charges: Choosing the Right Lawyer

Health care fraud is a serious offense, and the government is prosecuting health care fraud more now than ever before. Depending on the magnitude of the offense and the level of intent, physicians and other health care providers can face...Read More

What Compound Pharmacies Should Do in a DOL or Tricare Investigation

We hear about new federal investigations targeting compound pharmacies on almost a weekly basis. These investigations typically focus on pharmacy executive’s relationships with physicians and marketing groups involving referrals of federally funded patients including Tricare patients whose medications are paid...Read More

What are the Medicare Telemedicine Rules?

At The Criminal Defense Firm, we are increasingly being contacted by health care providers who are facing federal investigations of their telemedicine and telehealth practices. From San Francisco to Miami and from Colorado to New York, health care providers across...Read More

How to Set Up a Pharmacy Compliance Program

Pharmacies are under attack. Law enforcement agencies across the country are investigating pharmacies for alleged health care fraud and physician kick-back schemes. Compound pharmacies are facing particular scrutiny, especially those that have billed Tricare, Medicare, and Department of Labor health...Read More

Are You Facing a Tricare Audit?

The federal government is cracking down on Tricare fraud, regularly auditing healthcare providers for signs of possible collusion or other forms of illegal activity. Tricare providers such as physicians, pharmacies, compound pharmacies, and toxicology groups are all facing audits by...Read More

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