Month: April 2016

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What is a Proffer Agreement?

In certain situations, it can be in a criminal defendant’s best interests to cooperate with the government. At the The Criminal Defense Firm, we generally advise our clients to cooperate in two specific types of circumstances: The first is when...Read More

What Are the Sentences in Federal Cocaine Cases?

One of the most important questions to ask if you are facing federal cocaine charges is what the statutory sentence would be in the worst-case scenario of a conviction at trial. The attorneys of the The Criminal Defense Firm have...Read More

Can I Appeal a Plea Agreement?

Generally speaking, accepting a plea bargain prevents you from filing an appeal. However, if you accepted a plea deal and later realized that it was not in your best interests, you may be able to appeal your conviction and sentence...Read More

What are the Penalties for Tricare Fraud?

Tricare fraud involves the submission of false and fraudulent reimbursement claims for healthcare services provided to patients under the federal Tricare program. The government currently investigates approximately $50 billion in “suspicious” Tricare reimbursement claims every year. Unfortunately, due to the...Read More

Defending Against Allegations of Tricare Fraud: Choosing the Right Lawyer

Tricare fraud is a serious federal offense, with penalties ranging from civil monetary damages to years of incarceration. The federal government is aggressively prosecuting Tricare fraud cases, and if you have been accused of Tricare fraud, there is no time...Read More

Defending Clients in Tricare Fraud Investigations

Tricare is one of the three primary federal government medical benefit programs. Federal law enforcement agencies have long focused on combating Medicare fraud and Department of Labor (DOL) fraud; but, until relatively recently, they paid little attention to Tricare. Lately,...Read More

What Is Criminal Intent?

A defendant’s mental state at the time of an alleged offense is often a key factor in determining both (i) whether the defendant is guilty of the offense, and (ii) if the defendant is guilty, the level of punishment that...Read More

What Are Federal Crimes?

The question of whether a crime is subject to state or federal jurisdiction is not always easy to answer. The following is a brief, but by no means complete, overview of categories of offenses that are subject to federal law...Read More

Does the Government Have to Disclose Exculpatory Evidence?

In criminal trials, defendants always start out at a disadvantage. While the government may investigate and prepare its case for months before bringing charges, many defendants don’t even know that they are a suspect until federal agents show up with...Read More

What Happens in a Federal Criminal Case?

Most people outside of the federal justice system have no idea what really goes on during a criminal case. Our criminal defense attorneys and former federal prosecutors explain: The Steps Involved in a Federal Criminal Prosecution Investigation Most federal criminal...Read More

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