Month: November 2016

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What Is an OASIS Form?

The Criminal Defense Firm Former Medicare Prosecutors & Defense Counsel Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) forms are mandatory standardized assessments used by home health agencies that participate in Medicare. OASIS forms collect information about a patient’s service requirements, functionality,...Read More

Federal ZPIC Audit Attorneys

The Criminal Defense Firm Former Medicare Prosecutors & Defense Counsel Audits performed by Zone Program Integrity Contractors (ZPICs) are important matters that can have serious, long-lasting consequences for your healthcare company and for you individually. Why are ZPIC Audits Important?...Read More

California Arthritis Doctor Medicare Fraud Defense Attorneys

What to Do if You’re an Arthritis Doctor Charged with Medicare Fraud in California? The federal government’s Medicare Fraud Strike Force is a team of federal agents and prosecutors who are committed to prosecuting arthritis doctors and other healthcare providers...Read More

California Diabetes and Obesity Doctor’s Medicare Fraud Defense Lawyers

Legal Help for California Diabetes and Obesity Doctors Charged with Medicare Fraud Diabetes and obesity doctors play a critical role in improving their patient’s lives and preserving the health of our society as a whole. Unfortunately, this does not protect...Read More

California Cardiologists’ Medicare Fraud Allegations Attorneys

California Defense Attorney for Cardiologists Being Investigated for Medicare Fraud Allegations Following one of the largest Medicare fraud takedowns in history, which included charges against 22 medical providers in California for their alleged involvement in a $162 million fraud scheme,...Read More

California Dentists’ Medicare Fraud Defense Attorneys

Understanding Medicare Fraud Charges Against California Dentists The federal government’s Medicare Fraud Strike Force is targeting dental practices in California for both civil and criminal prosecutions. If you are under investigation or have been charged with Medicare fraud in California,...Read More

Texas DWI or DUI Defense Attorneys

Former State Prosecutor & Former Federal Prosecutor The Criminal Defense Firm We Know How to Fight a DWI We Have the Prosecutor & Defense Experience Free & Confidential Consultations Criminal Defense Firm a team of former state and former...Read More

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