Month: December 2016

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Psychologists and Medicare Fraud in California: What to Know

Experienced Legal Defense Attorneys Protecting Psychologists from Medicare Fraud Charges in California As the federal government?s Medicare Fraud Strike Force and other federal law enforcement authorities set their sights on California, psychologists throughout the state are suddenly and unexpectedly finding...Read More

What You Should Do When You Are Under Stark Law Investigation

Knowledgeable Defense Attorneys Aggressively Serving Professionals Who are Under Investigation for Stark Law Violations in California Under Section 1877 of the Social Security Act, commonly known as the Stark Law, physicians in California can face severe federal penalties for making...Read More

What You Should Do When You Are Under False Claims Act Investigation

Defense Attorneys Serving California Medical Professionals under Investigation for False Claims Act Violations Across the US Potential penalties for violating the False Claims Act include substantial financial penalties, exclusion from participation in Medicare, and even federal incarceration. If you are...Read More

What You Should Do When You Are Under Investigation for Kickbacks

Experienced Legal Defense for California Medicare Providers Under Investigation for Taking Kickbacks If you are a Medicare provider in California and you are under investigation for paying or receiving kickbacks, you are at risk of facing felony charges. There are...Read More

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