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Avoiding and Defending Against Wrongful Termination Claims: What Employers Need to Know

Wrongful termination claims can lead to significant financial and reputational harm for companies of all sizes. Publicized cases can also affect employee morale, and trigger claims from other former employees as well. As a result, defending against wrongful termination claims...Read More

10 Common Allegations in Securities Fraud Litigation

For brokers, investment advisors, firm managers, and corporate insiders, the risk of being targeted in a securities fraud lawsuit is one that needs to be taken very seriously. Most investment professionals and company executives put their clients’ and companies’ best...Read More

4 Key Considerations When Evaluating the Potential for Business Litigation

Whether an individual or another company is interfering with your market activities or your company is facing civil allegations from a third party, deciding on an appropriate course of action requires a strategic assessment of the various business, legal, and...Read More

Unique Issues in Civil Health Care Litigation

In heavily-regulated industries such as health care, companies face litigation risks that far exceed those in the various unregulated market sectors. This includes not only an increased risk for state and federal enforcement, but for civil litigation initiated by patients,...Read More

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