Month: February 2018

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Own a Mobile Medical Lab? Get Ready for Federal Fraud Investigators.

Three Mobile Lab Owners Busted in Brooklyn: What Their Case Can Tell Us about Mobile Lab Fraud Defense The federal government has made clear its commitment to throwing the proverbial book at medical laboratories suspected of unethical billing practices. Not...Read More

18 USC 1349: Understanding the Law on Attempt & Conspiracy for Healthcare Fraud

How Prosecutors Use a Powerful Statute to Charge Doctors with Small Roles in Fraud Cases There may be no more powerful tool in the federal prosecutorial arsenal than the conspiracy charge. Federal conspiracy law empowers prosecutors to charge defendants with...Read More

How the False Claims Act Applies to Mobile Radiology Services Fraud

Why the Feds Are Second-Guessing Bills from Mobile X-Ray and Imaging Companies Over the last two decades, state and federal governments have devoted more resources than ever to investigating health care fraud and initiating enforcement actions. These actions are principally...Read More

The Opioid Crisis, Pill Mills, and You: Why Doctors Need to Be Careful

Prescription Painkiller Abuse Is Causing Care Providers to Be Targeted Unfairly The United States is very much in the midst of a serious opioid crisis, and so much of the blame is being directed at doctors. Late last year, the...Read More

What Are Pain Mills? Why ‘Pain Clinic Pill Mills’ Are Attracting Federal Attention

Pain Mills Are the New Pill Mills. Anyone Working in a Pain Clinic Must Be Cautious. We’ve all heard the term “pill mills.” It’s something of a buzzword in the news these days. It’s a convenient, catch-all scapegoat for the...Read More

Feds Nab a Tampa Ambulance Company on $5.5 Mil in False Claims

How the Latest DOJ Takedown Illustrates the Need for Strong Ambulance Fraud Defense AmeriCare is the largest ambulance services company in Tampa, Florida. And Tampa just happens to be one of the nine metros in the United States with the...Read More

What Happens in a Health Care Crackdown? Are They Really Happening More Often?

Why Doctors and Pharmacists Should Be More Watchful Than Ever The words “health care crackdown” are enough to elicit a hush in just about any doctor’s office or medical supply company, and for good reason. There are only so many...Read More

Arrested for Making House Calls? Home-Visit Doctors Accused of Fraud

Mobile Health Care Provider Fraud: How Physicians, Managers & Owners Become Suspects Medicare believes it is paying billions of dollars every year to doctors who claim they’re making house calls but actually aren’t. So what does that mean for you...Read More

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