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The DEA Search Warrant Process: Health Care Inspections from Beginning to End

How the DEA Gathers Evidence against Doctors, Pharmacists, and Medical Practices The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is probably best known as the enforcement arm for the national war on drugs the federal agents who orchestrate drug busts in cities all...Read More

Prescription Fraud, Narcotics Diversion, and Other Opioid Cases

Learn the Most Common Allegations and Criminal Charges in Federal Opioid Investigations The Department of Justice and its partners in federal law enforcement are bringing new opioid cases every single day. From prescription fraud to narcotics diversion and a host...Read More

Opioid Cases: Frequently Asked Questions

Proactive Legal Representation Dedicated to Protecting Your Freedom and Career With new opioid cases cropping up each and every day, every medical professional who deals with prescription painkillers needs to be on high alert for DEA inspections, search warrants, and...Read More

How Physicians Should Respond to DEA Search Warrants

If You Work in Health Care, the Right Response to DEA Agents Can Make All the Difference It’s a horrific image for anyone in health care: DEA agents knocking on your front door, holding a search and seizure warrant with...Read More

18 USC 1347: What You Need to Know About the Federal Health Care Fraud Statute

A Guide for Physicians, Medical Business Owners, and Other Health Care Professionals It can happen when Cigna, Blue Cross, Aetna, or some other health insurance provider declines to pay for one of your services. It can happen when your office...Read More

Own a Mobile Medical Lab? Get Ready for Federal Fraud Investigators.

Three Mobile Lab Owners Busted in Brooklyn: What Their Case Can Tell Us about Mobile Lab Fraud Defense The federal government has made clear its commitment to throwing the proverbial book at medical laboratories suspected of unethical billing practices. Not...Read More

18 USC 1349: Understanding the Law on Attempt & Conspiracy for Health Care Fraud

How Prosecutors Use a Powerful Statute to Charge Doctors with Small Roles in Fraud Cases There may be no more powerful tool in the federal prosecutorial arsenal than the conspiracy charge. Federal conspiracy law empowers prosecutors to charge defendants with...Read More

How the False Claims Act Applies to Mobile Radiology Services Fraud

Why the Feds Are Second-Guessing Bills from Mobile X-Ray and Imaging Companies Over the last two decades, state and federal governments have devoted more resources than ever to investigating health care fraud and initiating enforcement actions. These actions are principally...Read More

The Opioid Crisis, Pill Mills, and You: Why Doctors Need to Be Careful

Prescription Painkiller Abuse Is Causing Care Providers to Be Targeted Unfairly The United States is very much in the midst of a serious opioid crisis, and so much of the blame is being directed at doctors. Late last year, the...Read More

What Are Pain Mills? Why ‘Pain Clinic Pill Mills’ Are Attracting Federal Attention

Pain Mills Are the New Pill Mills. Anyone Working in a Pain Clinic Must Be Cautious. We’ve all heard the term “pill mills.” It’s something of a buzzword in the news these days. It’s a convenient, catch-all scapegoat for the...Read More