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Most people know that being charged with a crime should never be treated lightly; however, what isn’t discussed enough is that being charged with a crime should never be treated passively.

Many defendants believe that their efforts to control their prosecution are futile, considering the tremendous power and resources of the government. At the same time, many who do the right thing and hire a criminal defense attorney assume that all attorneys will handle their case the same. Neither of these assumptions is true.

The experience, tenacity, and resourcefulness of your attorney could make all of the difference in the world for the outcome of your case. Similarly, while it is true that the government has a great deal of power, it is also true that the law is on your side.

At The Criminal Defense Firm, our team of criminal defense lawyers, professionals, and support staff take this very seriously. We treat each of our clients with the respect and dignity they deserve and target our efforts on helping those individuals reach their best possible outcome.

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Cases We Handle

While not an exhaustive list of the criminal charges we handle, the following are some of the most common.


Although assault is a serious and common charge, it still confuses a lot of people. Sometimes those charged with assault are surprised to learn, for example, that a mere threat can constitute assault. Similarly, many don’t realize that the definition of assault under the criminal code isn’t necessarily the same as assault in a civil case.


The various chemical tests that police use to measure a driver’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) have been proven to be extremely unreliable. However, even though the courts are aware of this, you can’t count on them to treat these tests as such on their own. You need an experienced and capable defense team to challenge these tests for you.


Contrary to what many think, DUI charges aren’t motivated by safety alone. In fact, police are under pressure to arrest as many people on drunk driving charges as they can. Police, especially, are notorious for being tough on drunk driving, and young people are common targets. However, whether or not they can prove that you are guilty of a DUI is another matter altogether.

Intoxication Offenses

There are many crimes that can be considered intoxication offenses. Drinking and driving are the most obvious of these charges, but there are others, including those involving prescription medications or controlled substances (i.e., drugs). Any intoxication charge is serious, and should be managed by a team of experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorneys.

Capital Murder

Capital murder is the most serious of the varying homicide charges. It is typically reserved for particularly heinous or morally repugnant crimes and generally applies when the government is seeking to prove that a murder was intentional, planned, and aggravated by some morally egregious circumstance.


Although burglary is technically considered theft, it is different in that the defendant can be convicted of burglary even if no property was taken. That surprises a lot of people, but as with any criminal inquiry, it ultimately comes down to the specific facts of the case and the language in the statutes.

Business Burglary

Businesses are understandably protective of their property, and many of them collaborate with law enforcement to investigate and prosecute any suspected instances of theft, property damage, trespass, or breach of security. Because of this, you may find yourself at a disadvantage from the get-go, desperately in need of experienced legal counsel.

Home Burglary

The burglary of a home is a serious criminal offense, tantamount to a home invasion. That can be true even if no property is taken from inside and no one is hurt. Have you been charged with a Home Burglary? If so, you should not delay getting in touch with the attorneys at The Criminal Defense Firm to begin your defense

Vehicle Burglary

The County District Attorney’s Office is tough on car theft, as well as the conduct that surrounds these crimes. Because of this, the prosecution against you is liable to be very aggressive which is why you need to have an equally aggressive law firm on your side.

Aggravated Robbery

Most of the people facing aggravated robbery charges are far from the rough-and-tumble criminals that prosecutors perceive and display them as. On the contrary, these cases often involve personal arguments or innocent misunderstandings that are distorted to support trumped-up, unfair charges.


No matter the circumstances, if you’re facing a criminal charge or investigation for manslaughter, you need to get a capable and aggressive legal team on your side right now. These charges have the potential to seriously impact the remainder of your life, and should not be taken lightly.


Of the many criminal offenses that exist under the law, murder is the most serious. Because of this, anyone even suspected of murder is in a serious situation that should be managed by only the most experienced, successful criminal defense attorneys. Your future is on the line, and your choice of criminal defense lawyer should represent that.


If you have been charged with theft, your defense may rest upon a couple of significant factors. 1) Is there proof that you were not given permission to take an item? And 2) Is there proof that there was criminal intent behind your taking an item? Depending on the circumstances of your situation, these points can be difficult to conclusively prove, and a good criminal defense lawyer will understand how to leverage this to your advantage.

Family Violence

You may think that your domestic disputes should be private affairs; nevertheless, the moment that an accusation of violence arises, the criminal justice system gets involved. Takes family violence very seriously, and arrests and prosecutions are common.

Terroristic Threat

Terrorism is a loaded term, conjuring up fears and memories of senseless murder, destruction, and unspeakable tragedy. It makes sense, then, that the government would take threats of terrorism seriously. Unfortunately, far too many undeserving people are unfairly swept up in law enforcement’s attempt to “crack down” on terror.

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