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Domestic violence cases are serious, difficult, and complicated. They often involve people who never imagined they’d be charged with any kind of crime, let alone one so potentially embarrassing.

Disagreements and altercations in the family setting can quickly spiral out of control, and unforeseen consequences frequently follow.

You might think that your domestic disputes are private affairs, but the moment that an allegation or suspicion of violence arises, the criminal justice system gets involved. State takes family violence extremely seriously, and arrests and prosecutions are common.

In fact, the Police Department maintains an active and aggressive division designated specifically for policing family violence cases (known as the DPD Domestic Violence Squad). Reports of recent arrests related to family violence are a staple in the nightly headlines here.

A conviction can carry serious penalties, but even for those who are never convicted, the mere accusation of causing harm to a family member or loved one is enough to permanently destroy their reputations. A single accusation can ruin relationships and lives.

If you have been charged with a family violence crime, please contact the domestic and family violence defense attorneys at The Criminal Defense Firm right away.

Your voice deserves to be heard. We’ve handled enough of these cases to know that there are two sides to every story. False claims and exaggerated allegations are not uncommon. Too often, the police rush in and create sloppy reports or leap to unfounded assumptions.

Your family dynamic is undoubtedly unique, and when outsiders from the law enforcement community attempt to make sense of it, they can cast your behavior in a false light. The criminal penalties that might follow are frequently unfair.

Our domestic and family violence defense attorney has effectively defended Texans in hazy and unfortunate family violence situations and has often been able to negotiate an outright dismissal of the charges. We’d like to bring our passionate and strategic perspective to your case, too. Please call us today.

Defining Domestic Violence

In criminal law, the term domestic violence is sometimes used interchangeably with family violence or domestic abuse.

Regardless of the terminology, the crime generally refers to an assault by one person against someone who they are dating or related to. Alleged victims might include:

  • Husband / Wife
  • Boyfriend / Girlfriend
  • Ex-spouse
  • Brother / Sister
  • Child
  • Any member of the same family or household

People are sometimes surprised to learn that a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship can be sufficient to support a domestic violence charge. Of course, whether two people are in a romantic relationship is not always easy to determine with legal clarity or certainty. You should realize, though, that the state takes any instance of assault very seriously, especially when it occurs within a relationship of love or trust.

That doesn’t mean that the state is always justified in using the domestic violence statutes in your case, though. On the contrary, these laws are frequently misapplied. Our domestic violence defense attorneys can help you determine whether the allegations against you fairly constitute family violence.

Note that, in addition to physical violence, “assault” also includes threats that put the victim in fear of imminent bodily injury.

The Frequency of False Allegations

There is no other area of criminal law more vulnerable to false allegations than domestic violence. It is not uncommon for a spouse or lover to make a false claim about violence as a form of intimidation or revenge. False accusations are common during divorce and custody cases, too.

Unfortunately, family members can’t take back false allegations on their own. Once the claim is in the prosecutor’s hands, it’s too late. The prosecutor has full discretion over the charge. But your family violence defense lawyer can help.

As domestic and family violence defense attorneys, our job is to challenge false allegations, stand up against the purported evidence, and negotiate with the prosecutor to produce the best possible outcome in your case. Often, we are able to demonstrate how unfair or unfounded the charges are and, accordingly, have them dropped. That is always our goal.

Contact Our Domestic and Family Violence Defense Attorneys

Family violence cases are frequently unfair. Emotions run high. Things get out of control. People remember situations differently. The truth isn’t always what it seems.

Making matters worse, police typically arrive at the scene ready to make an arrest. They rarely take the time to adequately understand the family dynamic and fairly assess the entire situation. The officer’s report, flawed as it may be, can prove to be very problematic for defendants.

At The Criminal Defense Firm, we understand how these cases work. We know what it takes to effectively defend you against them. We’re ready to fight for you. Please contact our office at 866-603-4540 and ask for a free consultation with our experienced family violence defense attorney team today.

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