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Brian Kuester
Attorney Brian Kuester
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Former District Attorney
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Attorney Ellen Comley
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Roger Bach
Roger Bach
Defense Team Consultant
Former Special Agent (OIG)

Criminal allegations ruin people’s lives. The government steps in with almost-unlimited power and shines a public spotlight on you in your weakest hour.

Prosecutors and police boost their own professional profiles by tainting yours, frequently making a public spectacle out of people who’ve been accused of salacious crimes.

Prostitution and solicitation of prostitution are two such crimes. They carry blazing social stigmas with them, and the authorities ought to be very careful about when, where, and how they introduce these charges. Sadly, they are seldom so discreet.

Many of the people accused of solicitation or prostitution are actually innocent. Human sexuality is complex, and misunderstandings are not uncommon. In today’s world, scholars and policymakers alike hold a wide range of views about prostitution. Indeed, two people may disagree about what constitutes prostitution.

The fact remains, though, that prostitution is a crime, as is the solicitation of prosecution, and statutory definitions exist for each though those definitions are not without ambiguity.

Conviction on either charge can carry serious legal consequences. For many, though, the most serious repercussion is the permanent stain on the defendant’s personal and professional reputation (not to mention his or her criminal record).

Compassionate Representation & Defense of Reputations

Even though the law recognizes that prostitution crimes are less serious than, say, violent criminal offenses, the social stigma can be equally as damaging.

For all these reasons, anyone accused of solicitation or prostitution needs to take immediate action with a prostitution defense lawyer who is experienced, compassionate, and dedicated to an aggressive legal defense.

We understand that so much is at stake. We know that you have friends, family members, loved ones, employers, and future job prospects to consider. You may have children who depend on you being free to support them. Some of you may even have public personas to protect.

You might have found yourself swept up in a big, terrible misunderstanding. Maybe you simply made a single mistake in a moment of weakness.

Please know that the experienced prostitution defense lawyers in our firm are here to help you, not to judge you. We offer compassionate, nonjudgmental, and aggressive legal representation.

We will do everything in our power to get the charges against you dropped while also protecting your reputation and helping you navigate this difficult ordeal. We’re here to counsel, assist, and advise. Our team has made a meaningful difference in other people’s cases, and we believe that we can do the same for yours.

Be Careful What You Say

Police can and will use your words against you. That is especially true in controversial or salacious sex-related cases. Say as little as possible to police officers, while always remaining respectful. Insist on calling a prostitution defense attorney instead.

If you haven’t been charged with a crime yet, law enforcement officers may attempt to elicit harmful statements from you during a conversation possibly even while undercover. You can help your case considerably by avoiding statements against your own self-interest.

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You might be surprised not only by how common prostitution arrests are but also how frequently unfair they are. So many prosecutions are based on facts that do not fit the crime. Remember: It is the prosecutor who has the burden of proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Don’t count on the state to show you sympathy or compassion. You may be a good person and an upstanding community member. You may be mortified, regretful, or ashamed. You might tremble or cry. Your personal embarrassment or anguish will not be enough, though, to spare you from being charged or convicted. In fact, the state often organizes stings with the purpose of “catching as many people in the net” as possible.

The best defense is an aggressive and experienced legal defense from a private defense attorney. The Criminal Defense Firm can make a meaningful difference in the outcome of your case.

Whether you’ve been charged as a prostitute or a solicitor, you need to take these charges seriously. Attempting to represent yourself is a serious mistake. Likewise, trusting a public defender when your reputation is on the line is a real gamble the unfortunate reality is that most public defenders are simply too overwhelmed to give their cases the time that they deserve.

We care about what happens to you. We care about your reputation, your family, and your freedom. Please contact our experienced prostitution defense lawyers at 866-603-4540 and request a free case evaluation today.

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