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Terrorism is a loaded term. It immediately conjures horrible images of death, destruction, and unspeakable tragedy. In a single word, it sums up society’s greatest fear.

It makes sense, then, that the government would take threats of terrorism seriously. Unfortunately, far too many undeserving people are unfairly swept up in law enforcement’s attempt to “crackdown” on terror.

This is a problem we have seen grow since 9/11 and its immediate aftermath. While the general public probably assumes that people who are prosecuted for “making terroristic threats” are nefarious terrorists with direct links to organized terror groups and immediate plans to harm the country, the truth is that many of these prosecutions involve much smaller offenses or misunderstandings that no one would think of as relating to terrorism.

In fact, most allegations of terroristic threat involve what most of us would simply call a “threat”. A typical case might involve someone using threatening language or displaying a firearm while arguing with someone else in public, prompting an urgent response from law enforcement. While anyone can understand why that situation would be concerning, it is dramatically different from the scenario one imagines as “terroristic”.

And as with other allegations of “ordinary threats”, terroristic threats are rife with misunderstandings. It is astoundingly common for a tense but not altogether dire situation to be blown out of proportion. Suddenly, someone who never posed any true threat or danger is being charged for a terroristic threat.

As you can imagine, the allegation alone can ruin the defendant’s life. Employers and community members will forever associate the term “terroristic” with heinous conspiracies, and the shadow of that allegation could follow the defendant forever.

The Criminal Defense Firm is a team of attorneys with specific experience in defending against alleged threat crimes. With our aggressive terroristic threat attorneys on your side, it is often possible to have these charges dismissed altogether.

We work with former federal prosecutors, FBI special agents, and others to passionately pursue the best possible outcome for your case. Our goals are to have the charges dropped, keep your record clear, and defend your good name.

Don’t let a misunderstanding or trumped-up charge ruin your life. Contact the terroristic threat attorneys at The The Criminal Defense Firm today.

The Law on Terroristic Threats

To appreciate just how wildly the definition of terroristic threat can differ from what most Texans probably think that term means, consider this: Many terroristic threat crimes are merely misdemeanors.

Of course, even a misdemeanor can have enormous ramifications, and you need to take urgent action to defend yourself against the charge.

Other terroristic threats are prosecuted as felonies. The difference between a misdemeanor and a felony often comes down to where the “threat” was made and how many people were involved.

Indeed, “terroristic threats” is something of an umbrella term under the law. A wide range of altercations or behaviors might qualify, especially if the police or prosecutors are being excessively aggressive (as they often are).

The following might be sufficient to constitute a terroristic threat:

  • Putting someone in fear of serious and immediate harm to their bodies
  • Any “threatening” behavior that prompts an emergency response from police, 911, etc.
  • Using your words, actions, writings, or a weapon to make someone else fear for their immediate safety

A terroristic threat is more likely to become a felony if:

  • Multiple people are in fear for their safety as a result of the defendant’s threat (especially in a public setting)
  • The defendant is accused of making a bomb threat
  • The defendant is alleged to have interfered with public utilities or transportation services
  • The threat involves a politician, judicial official, or government agency

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Terroristic threat cases quickly spiral out of control. It isn’t uncommon for other law enforcement agencies to get involved, perhaps even including major federal agencies. You need to act wisely and take swift action in your defense. Don’t talk to anyone about your case, not even friends or family, and certainly not the news media or police.

The terroristic threat attorneys at The Criminal Defense Firm are experienced in both state and federal criminal defense, and we are ready to handle your entire case from the investigative stages to the prosecutor’s office and, if necessary, beyond. Our mission is to have the charges dropped and produce the best possible outcome. Your freedom matters, and we are going to fight for it.

To get started, simply get in touch with our office and ask for a free consultation with our terroristic threat lawyers. We’ll review the facts of your case and assess the best next steps. The sooner we’re involved, the better. Contact us at 866-603-4540 today.

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