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When it comes to selecting the right attorney, you are the judge. You should not make any hiring decision before interviewing numerous lawyers to see which law firm appears to be the right fit for your case.

The operators of this Website utilize various search engine optimization techniques. For you, the consumer of information, this means you should never make a decision about hiring an attorney just because the attorney or the law firm “rank” higher than other firms or are better positioned in their marketing. Ranking “higher” online is not necessarily an indication of “higher” quality or potentially better results.

You are the decision-maker. You are the judge. You, the potential client, need to assess by interviewing different lawyers, who could serve you best in the situation you are in and for which you seek legal counsel. The Criminal Defense Firm encourages all visitors and potential clients to always interview multiple law firm candidates and to never simply rely on search engines, rankings, marketing, advertisement, promotions, media interviews, endorsement, recommendation, suggestion, or any other form of representation whether online, printed, written, or verbal irrespective of the origin of such a description and statement.

The Criminal Defense Firm goes through rigid review processes to make sure that all content and website representations are truthful and not misleading, are based on verifiable information, and are not unfair to you or others. If you, in your capacity as a potential or actual client, or as a competitor, or as a visitor to this Website come across any content or representation that deviates from these standards, please inform us immediately to assess your claim and to review such alleged content. Your cooperation is appreciated.

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