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Mississippi is home to a number of quality schools such as the University of Mississippi and Mississippi State University. It is also the site of numerous federal parks such as the Vicksburg National Military Park and the Gulf Islands National Seashore. You can also visit the Tupelo National Battlefield and the Brices Cross Roads National Battlefield site. Although there is much to see and do in the state, you should be aware that authorities are on the lookout for those who violate the law.

What to Know About the Legal Process

The first step in the legal process is to have contact with police or other state authorities. For example, if an officer believes that you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, that officer might initiate a traffic stop. An officer might also detain you while walking down the street or ask to talk to you while at the store. You may also receive a visit at home from an officer or another state official if there is reason to believe that you committed a crime or have information about a crime.

It’s your right to remain silent and to refuse any request to search your car or home. You cannot be compelled to talk for any reason while searches can only happen with your permission or with a warrant. If you have been taken into custody or are named a person of interest in a case, it’s almost always a good idea to hire a Mississippi criminal defense attorney.

An attorney may be able to minimize the risk that you say or do anything that might put you in legal peril during an investigation. Your attorney may also be by your side during an arraignment or during other hearings leading up to your trial.

Finally, your attorney may help you obtain bail or reduce the amount that you need to pay to obtain your release. Broadly speaking, it’s easier to obtain a favorable outcome in your case if you are out of jail because there is less pressure to accept a poor plea deal.

Good Reasons to Hire The Criminal Defense Firm

The Criminal Defense Firm is staffed by attorneys who have spent time as federal prosecutors or as members of federal agencies. Therefore, they have a good understanding of what to expect throughout the legal process. This may be ideal because knowing what might happen may make it easier to manage your emotions, which could reduce your risk of making an unforced error.

Unforced errors may include making statements to the press or making statements to the prosecution in an effort to gain leverage for a plea deal. In most cases, talking to anyone other than your attorney about your case only provides more leverage for the prosecution to obtain a conviction.

It’s worth noting that anything that you say to your attorney is considered privileged information. This means that you can feel free to speak with this person in an honest and transparent manner. It is typically in your best interest to speak openly with your attorney as it’s harder for counsel to create a defense if details are missing.

The Types of Cases Our Firm May Handle

If you are dealing with any type of criminal case, our firm stands ready to help you. Broadly speaking, state authorities tend to deal with matters such as drunk driving, assault and battery, and drug possession. They may also deal with cases such as domestic violence, larceny, or fraud.

Finally, if you failed to file a state tax return, you may face charges at the state level. It’s also possible that the federal government will want to pursue charges for tax evasion or other crimes that you might have committed. Let’s take a closer look at some of these charges and what we might be able to do to help.

Drunk Driving

If you operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of more than .08%, you are driving while intoxicated. This threshold is reduced to.04% for commercial drivers and .02% for those who are under the age of 21. You may also be charged with DUI if you are impaired by prescription medication or other controlled substances.

Tax Evasion

Tax evasion and tax avoidance both share a goal of trying to minimize your tax bill. However, tax evasion is a crime because it involves taking steps to get out of paying what you legitimately owe. For instance, claiming a deduction that you’re not entitled to is likely tax evasion if you did so knowing that you weren’t entitled to it.


If you take money or goods that belong to another person or retail establishment without permission, you could be charged with either petit or grand larceny. Petit larceny is generally a misdemeanor while grand larceny is a felony. The severity of the charge you face generally depends on the value of the money or goods that you have taken.

How We Might Help

There are a number of defenses that we might use to help you with a criminal case. For example, we may argue that your Fourth Amendment rights were violated when an officer searched your car without your permission or a court order to do so. We may also assert that you were charged with a crime based on faulty test results or testimony from a biased or otherwise unreliable source. Finally, we might claim that evidence should be suppressed because you weren’t read your Miranda rights or because of other violations that occurred during an investigation. If evidence is suppressed, it may be enough to have charges dropped or to earn an acquittal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about the initial consultation?

The initial consultation takes about 15 minutes and is an opportunity to tell us your story without having to give up any sensitive information like your name or location. Furthermore, the initial consultation is free and does not imply a relationship between yourself and the firm.

However, since you are talking to someone who may be your lawyer at some point in the future, anything that you say is covered by attorney-client privilege. If you do decide to hire us, we will assign an attorney to your case and take initial steps to begin representing your interests.

What is discovery?

As the name suggests, discovery is the process by which your attorney will learn what the government knows regarding your case. Your attorney may also be able to obtain information that might help you get a favorable outcome in your case. If the prosecution fails to share material information with your attorney, it may be grounds to have a charge dropped or to declare a mistrial. Your Mississippi criminal defense attorney will explain more about this process and how it might be used to your advantage.

Do I have to testify during my trial?

Your right to remain silent extends through the course of your trial. Of course, your attorney may ask you to testify as it might humanize you in the eyes of the jury or give you an opportunity to refute the prosecution’s words. You also have the right to talk whether your attorney thinks it is a good idea to do so or not. It’s worth noting that your spouse cannot be forced to testify or take other actions that might incriminate you.

Can you guarantee an outcome in my case?

No, your attorney cannot guarantee any type of outcome in your case. This is partially because it is unethical to do so. However, there is also no way to know how a prosecutor will react to a plea offer or how a jury might decide a case until an offer is made or a verdict is returned.

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