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Litigating any business dispute takes away from your day-to-day operations and drains your other resources. You might feel like there are no other solutions but to settle with the other party. However, that is not always the case. When facing litigation involving your business, you need to turn to an experienced litigation law firm in Brooklyn. The Criminal Defense Firm is ready to help.

At The Criminal Defense Firm, our business litigation attorneys can advise you through the entire legal process. We understand the needs of these high-stakes proceedings, and we will develop a robust litigation strategy to help resolve these issues. Our law firm has represented clients throughout all stages of the litigation process, and we have handled a wide range of cases in the U.S. district court system. Whether you are a board member, shareholder, company executive, or business owner, you could benefit from our extensive experience with business litigation cases. Reach out to the legal team at The Criminal Defense Firm We will help you make an informed decision to secure a favorable resolution to your legal matters.

Choose The Criminal Defense Firm for Your Business Litigation

When you need a legal team for your business litigation, The Criminal Defense Firm brings decades of experience representing corporate clients and individuals regarding these issues. Our attorneys understand how to proceed with these cases. Most of them have spent their careers litigating in the federal court system.

Our law firm will work to represent you in these high-stakes business litigation cases. Our team has taken these cases to court and successfully reached a positive outcome for our clients. Additionally, we have also resolved business litigation issues with alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures, settlements, and other out-of-court methods.

Unlike other law firms that may take a wait-and-see approach, we focus on being proactive with your case. We want to take control of every aspect of the litigation so that our clients are never caught off guard in pre-trial hearings, settlement negotiations, or courthouse trials.

Business Litigation Cases We Handle

Our business litigation team has represented clients in numerous types of business-related disputes and legal matters, such as:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Computer hacking and privacy issues
  • Intellectual property infringement and misappropriation
  • Misappropriation of corporate or partnership funds
  • Non-compete violations
  • Partnership and limited liability company disputes
  • Theft, fraud and forgery

Issues in Business Litigation

Several issues can occur during the litigation process. As your case progresses, you need a business litigation legal team who can expect and adapt to these changes. At The Criminal Defense Firm, our legal team will constantly evaluate and reevaluate your strategy to meet the factual circumstances in your case. Some of these common issues can include:

Discovery Disputes

Business litigation is highly complex, and you need to hire a skilled law firm to handle your legal strategy. One of the most important aspects of any case is the discovery process. Often, discovery disputes can add more time and cost to your case. Our legal team will use the discovery process to your advantage, helping to keep out evidence or documents that are not allowed under federal law. Also, we have our team of experienced trial consultants and investigators who will diligently work to establish the actual facts of the case, not just the ones stated by the opposition.

Fraud and Illegal Acts

Unfortunately, executives, owners, and board members can commit acts of fraud or other types of illegal actions. While you may not have committed the acts, your name and reputation could be tied to the crime. In some cases, other parties may try to hold you personally liable for another individual’s actions. Our legal team will customize your representation to protect your assets from these judgments.

Partner, Member, and Shareholder Disputes

When businesses are taken to court, they can struggle to stay financially viable. Typically, plaintiffs try to establish personal liability for all company owners, causing issues between shareholders, partners, and other corporate members. Our legal team can also represent corporations and individual owners in any partner, member, or shareholder litigation matters.

Piercing the Corporate Veil

The opposition will try to obtain some leverage over an executive or business owner. Piercing the corporate veil is one way to establish personal liability for debts and losses within a company. Our attorneys have experience representing clients against these claims, focusing on several ways to counteract these legal issues.


Any litigation, whether valid or not, can devastate your personal and business reputation. Also, any disclosures made through the discovery process may have severe consequences for your business. At The Criminal Defense Firm, we understand the need to keep confidentiality in your case, especially when you are involved in business litigation matters. We will use the appropriate means necessary to protect your proprietary information, reputation, and assets.


Indemnification can be a part of some business disputes. In some circumstances, a third party is responsible for the business’s losses in a plaintiff’s claim. With that, it may be necessary for the defendant to make an indemnification claim against those liable for the losses. Our legal team will take a look at any contract involving third-party individuals. Some stipulations may specify that these third parties are responsible for defending the business against the plaintiff’s claims.

FAQs: Our Attorneys Answer Your Business Litigation Questions

When Should I Pursue Litigation?

In today’s world, litigation is a part of doing business. There are many reasons why a company should pursue these legal means. You may want to protect your intellectual property or demand a partner meet specific terms. Yes, litigation is often necessary, and the prospect of heading to court can be daunting, but with skilled representation it can what it takes to protect your business.

Additionally, litigation is vital in keeping businesses compliant with federal laws and regulations. For example, if a company uses a third-party provider for a service, and their practices are not compliant, it could be necessary to pursue litigation to cover any losses related to the third party’s actions. Sometimes, a business is involved in an indictment or has allegations levied against them in the investigation. Litigation can help to protect the assets of the company.

Will Litigation Become Public Record?

Typically, when any lawsuit is filed, it will become a part of the public record. Businesses or individuals often want to avoid litigation because they don’t want to harm their reputations. However, litigation could be necessary to protect their proprietary or confidential information. While many options are available to protect your information, one option is filing under seal. Once the litigation process begins, the parties may enter into confidentiality agreements to protect their interests and reputation in the court. Keep in mind that all cases are unique and have special considerations. At The Criminal Defense Firm, we understand confidentiality is key in these matters. Talk to one of our senior attorneys to learn more about your legal options.

Is Mediation or Arbitration Better Than Business Litigation?

Under the right circumstances, mediation and arbitration are ideal for handling business disputes. However, these methods can only bring some cases to a successful close. The need for mediation and arbitration will depend on the terms of the contract, and these alternative resolution methods may be required. The parties may also feel it is in everyone’s best interest to seek an alternative resolution to a business dispute rather than heading to court. At The Criminal Defense Firm, we have experience representing clients in court and working with them through the mediation and arbitration process. Reach out to our experienced business litigation attorneys to discuss your case.

How Do I Initiate a Business Lawsuit?

The process to begin a business lawsuit is a little more complex than filing a complaint in state or federal court. Individual owners and corporations need to assess the risks, costs, benefits, and losses that may result from the filing. Also, these individuals should anticipate any potential issues that can follow a lawsuit. The defendant may file a counterclaim that could be detrimental to the business. For that reason, anyone contemplating filing a case needs to speak with skilled legal counsel regarding these issues. At The Criminal Defense Firm, our attorneys have the experience to provide you with the right strategy for your litigation. We may even help you avoid a lawsuit and resolve the issues out-of-court.

What Are the Potential Outcomes of Business Litigation?

The outcome of your business litigation can vary. It could include a dismissal of the complaint to a plaintiff being awarded damages. Some parties will settle before reaching court, while a judge may award injunctive relief to both parties. Even after a trial or a final judgment either party can appeal the outcome and prolong the litigation process. Speaking with our legal team can help you understand the potential outcome of your case.

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Our legal team can assist with your business disputes. These issues can be complicated, and you need an experienced team to protect your interests. Whether you want to enforce contract terms or protect your personal assets, the legal team at The Criminal Defense Firm is ready to help. Talk to one of our highly skilled attorneys to discuss your case. Call us at 888-519-4897 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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