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The Criminal Defense Firm is headquartered in Dallas, and the firm’s attorneys are dedicated to representing in-state clients and companies across the country in every kind of business litigation, no matter the complexity. If your company is facing litigation, it is wise to make cost-effective and strategic decisions. For this to occur, it will need a comprehension of the practical, financial, and legal circumstances involved. If your company faces litigation, you need to comprehend what’s at stake and its potential risk when exposed as well as know the defenses and claims available for you. A company leader should be mindful of outcomes yet still be confident that they’re making the right decision in the best interest of their shareholders.

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There is an The Criminal Defense Firm business litigation firm headquartered in Dallas. This litigation team in Dallas is entirely comprised of ex-federal agents and senior attorneys that help with every investigation type. The unit can also aid in every aspect of litigation, discovery, and due diligence strategy. With an The Criminal Defense Firm interpolated house team, the lawyers in the firm can offer unmatched and unparalleled efficiency. Besides, The Criminal Defense Firm attorneys can always make succinct strategic decisions that are realistic. This will help protect the businesses of clients and keep them focusing on other crucial issues.

Some of The Criminal Defense Firm business litigation members include:

  • Elizabeth K. Stepp, who is a partner.
  • John W. Sellers, who is an ex-senior trial solicitor in the Justice Department
  • Ray Yuen, who is an ex supervisory agent ( FBI)
  • Roger Bach, an ex-special agent in the Justice Department office of the Inspector General
  • Chris J. Quick, who is an ex-special agent in the IRS and FBI.

The Criminal Defense Firm handles every type of business litigation complexities in federal and state court

Our business litigation’s practices encompass every dispute type between a company and its customers, competitors, vendors, employees, executives, and owners. The firm’s team can perfectly handle federal and state courts in Dallas, Texas, and the entire country. The Criminal Defense Firm attorneys possess profound favorable experience in out-side court negotiations as well as substitute dispute resolution proceedings.

The Criminal Defense Firm’s attorneys represent clients perfectly in these matters

Member, Partner, and Shareholder Disputes

Disputes amongst shareholder and business owners’ derivative lawsuits are capable of threatening the finances of companies and disrupting their operations. Should the owner of your company reach an impasse, the priority needs to be getting a resolution that safeguards the business’ needs. It might imply various things in indifferent circumstances inclusive of buyout negotiation to pursue mediation, exercising rights that are granted by partners, shareholders, or members to protect the business in courts.

A Shareholder derivative lawsuit can present peculiar risks and peculiar challenges whereby it needs a forward-thinking and strategic approach to obtain an impressing result. In other cases, dispute litigation via trials is necessary. Nevertheless, it is often both parties’ interest to resolve the case in a way that they mutually agree to produce a good outcome. Depending on the particular circumstance involved, this best solution can be successful without initiating litigation or even some motions and discovery practice type.

Contract breach

Contract breaching disputes might entail a vast range of problems, and they are capable of arising under vast scenarios. The Criminal Defense Firm represents companies in the following conflicts, whether with their employees, executives, shareholders, licensees, suppliers, customers, and even clients.

Performance and payment obligation breach – performance and payment disputes might arise for a plethora of causes and reasons. This could include disputes in regards to contract interpretation as well as financial incapability to perform.

Confidentiality breach – confidentiality breach has the potential of causing permanent and immediate ramifications. Therefore it is crucial to quickly respond to lawsuits regarding confidentiality breach to alleviate additional harm as well as recover damages.

Non-solicitation and non-competition covenants breach – if companies aren’t ware, non-solicitation and non-competition breaching might cause huge financial losses. The Criminal Defense Firm attorneys are highly experienced in litigating non-solicitation, and non compete disagreements under the Texas laws.

Indemnification, representation, and warranties obligations breach – indemnification, representation, warranties obligations are clauses of risk shifting in various commercial contract types. The firm assists clients to enforce these clauses regardless of the scenario type

Service Level Agreement, License as well as other vital Terms breaching – various issues inclusive of lack of meeting SLAs and license violations, also lead to unequivocal significant losses for a contracting party. That is why we assist clients in enforcing contractual rights across the entire Dallas and even beyond.

Misappropriations and Intellectual Property (IP) Infringements

Disputes regarding intellectual property pose high stakes. In most cases, the involved parties are going to be entrenched deeply in their positions, respectively. It is for this same reason that The Criminal Defense Firm law practitioners aid clients to effectively protect crucial IP assets as well as fight allegations regarding misappropriation and infringement inclusive of:

  • Service marks and trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Trade dress
  • Corporate, privacy and hacking espionage
  • Patents
  • Proprietary information
  • Trade secrets

Business litigation, which includes corporate espionage, privacy issues, and hacking, is sadly now prevalent. Our ex-federal agents and barristers are always at the forefront of such issues. The team’s litigators are doing their best to keep these issues at bay, having investigated and litigated many large scale white collar federal enforcement matters. The team does this on the federal government’s behalf before trying private practice and consequently achieved crucial early victories via pre-trial motions for remedies such as injunctive relief.

Business Fraud

This type of allegations could arise due to different reasons and in differing contexts. Therefore litigating a fraud claim could imply consequently different things in various scenarios. Should you be sued for business fraud, we at The Criminal Defense Firm can represent you in all business fraud types. This could include claims of fraudulent inducement to various allegations of insurance, mortgage, and bank fraud.

In this litigation, the firm highly relies on the litigation consultants’ and attorneys’ past expertise in matters of federal law enforcement. Federal enforcement proceedings and private civil litigation are different, but the involved legal principles are exactly similar. The Criminal Defense Firm attorneys in Dallas can strategically counsel clients on insights based on experience obtained from decades of handling high stake and large scale matters. If your company has to take legal measures to safeguard its interests or if you are being accused of fraudulence, then our team can speedily act to minimize the cost and time involved to get an impeccable pleasant result.

Tortious Interferences

Litigation involving tortious interference often includes several types of contract-based and common law claims, as well as factual issues that are required, are particularly complex. Hence obtaining an effective outcome will need a proactive and strategic approach, and that’s where our team in Dallas profoundly excels. The Dallas The Criminal Defense Firm team has had very substantial success in tortious inference litigation in several jurisdictions. Besides, the team can use this expertise and experience to counsel the leadership team of your company as well as in-house advice on effectively moving on.

Employment Litigation

Apart from commercial entities disputes, our solicitors can represent clients in business employment litigation too. This is inclusive of administrative proceedings, and trial litigation before state and federal agencies like the Texas Workforce Commission and Equal Employment Litigation et al. the experience and expertise of our lawyers include representing Texas employers successfully in cases like:

  • Equal pay and discrimination claims
  • Disputes regarding an Employment contract
  • Infringement and IP ownership disputes
  • Hour and wage disputes
  • Claims of Sexual harassment
  • Claims of wrongful termination

Securities and Antitrust Litigation

Antitrust litigation in regards to businesses and competitors include complex issues and high stakes. The case also applies to securities litigation that often involves a blend of common and statutory law issues under federal and state law. The litigation consultants’ and senior lawyers’ peculiar background makes the firm in a good position to counsel clients in regards to securities and antitrust issues. Besides, our lawyers also possess the capacity and resources needed to handle all large scale litigation cost-effectively and efficiently.

Acquisitions and Mergers Litigation

Disagreements that arise during acquisitions and mergers are imminent and involve a wide array of highly complex problems, and when they arise before closing, it requires effective resolutions. Our attorneys handle post-closing and pre-closing M&A disagreements in Dallas, Texas. We work closely with clients to scrutinize priorities, then go ahead by pursuing strategies that serve long term goals to them. We don’t compromise when it comes to pleasing clients.

Emergency Litigation

We are hugely devoted to representing business emergency litigation, and therefore should your company face a crisis, our team will take immediate action to curb all unnecessary losses. We usually handle all emergency defense and plaintiff’s counsel. Also, the team is ready to seek swift, appropriate provisional and temporary relief in federal and state courts in Texas.

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