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A leading national law firm with offices based in Houston, Texas, The Criminal Defense Firm provides stellar, strategic and intelligent legal representation to businesses in Houston, throughout Texas and nationwide in business litigation matters of any kind, in state and federal court. Contact our law firm at any time to discuss your business’ specific legal needs with one of our senior business litigation attorneys in the strictest confidence. We are proudly available to assist you 24/7.

Business litigation is a complex, multi-faceted area of business law involving virtually all types of disputes that can arise in a business context. If you or your Houston company is involved in a business dispute that can potentially turn into a lawsuit, or a lawsuit has already been filed against you/your business, or you have filed a lawsuit against a business partner, distributor, supplier, etc, you need to turn the matter over to specialized and experienced counsel to successfully either enforce or defend your rights and protect your interests in state or federal court.

The Criminal Defense Firm: Proven Commitment to Resolving Business Disputes to Our Clients’ Benefit

When involved in a lawsuit, you need our team of seasoned business litigation attorneys and consultants on your side. With a proven track record of success and thousands of federal cases handled, our reputable team at The Criminal Defense Firm aggressively represents Houston, Texas businesses and out-of-state companies in a vast range of business litigation matters.

Our well-respected senior litigation counsel and special agents who provide critical insights as our business litigation consultants are committed to promptly implementing a deftly-planned, smart litigation strategy that minimizes risks & costs and enables you to reap the most benefits, whether you are the defendant or the plaintiff.

Businesses in Houston and across Texas, as well as nationwide confidently turn to The Criminal Defense Firm for their business litigation needs. Just a few of the reasons why:

The Criminal Defense Firm Exclusively Hires Senior Attorneys

One of the aspects that reflects the uniqueness and consistent success of our law firm is that we hire senior attorneys only, with a wealth of experience in the areas of practice they specialize in. Our team of seasoned and reputable litigators includes former prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and former trial attorneys with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Our In-House Team of Veteran Special Agents with the FBI, IRS, OIG, DEA

Former special agents with the FBI, IRS, and other federal law enforcement and investigative agencies are an integral part of our in-house business litigation team, serving as senior consultants in a wide array of litigation matters.

Our Impressive Experience in Federal and State Court

With a combined experience spanning centuries and extending across all areas of business litigation, our team of senior litigators zealously advocate for our clients and value the opportunity to protect your interests. Our vast experience includes successfully handling thousands of complex cases at the federal level alone and favorably settling out-of-court countless more.

Our Sophisticated Team Is Dedicated to High-Stakes Matters

Providing top-tier legal representation to board members, executives, and companies in various “bet-the-company” disputes, when their future is at stake, is one of our main priorities and a significant part of our litigation practice.

We Are Proudly Available to Our Clients 24/7 and Offer Emergency Litigation

Another aspect reflecting the uniqueness of our law firm is our availability 24/7. Our commitment to protecting the interests and rights of our clients in the most complex business disputes is also reflected by our emergency litigation services.

Our Law Firm Handles All and Any Types of Business Litigation Matters in Federal and State Court

If your company based in Houston is involved in any business dispute, you should advisedly contact our Houston business litigation team as soon as possible to arrange a free evaluation of your case. Our senior attorneys are well-versed in such matters and zealously serve clients involved in business litigation Houston-wide as well as nationwide. Some of the types of business-related disputes our law firm routinely handles include:

Member, Partner, and Shareholder Disputes

These types of business disputes can arise in many different scenarios and have a variety of potential repercussions. When your business is facing a dispute with a partner, shareholder or LLC member, you need the assistance of a well-respected, successful litigation firm with vast experience in handling these disputes in different venues, including state and federal court.

Our Houston-based business litigation team aggressively represents businesses in such disputes. We strive to favorably resolve them out-of-court, as expeditiously as possible, but we are diligently prepared to go to trial ( some parties are not willing to settle out-of-court). Our team also specializes in shareholder derivative litigation, which requires a unique strategic approach to attain the most favorable outcome.

Contract Disputes

Disputes involving various types of contracts are very common and oftentimes inevitable. Generally, when a contract dispute arises, both parties play a role in the disagreement, meaning that both of them have defenses and claims. To recover on a breach of contract claim, your company needs to prove the existence of a written agreement, performance by your company i.e. meeting your contractual obligations, failure to perform by the contract counterparty, and the resulting damages to your company.

With extensive experience in a wide array of industries and a deep understanding of the business principles, our team of senior litigation counsel and veteran special agents have the necessary expertise and skills to intelligently position these business disputes. Our litigation team has achieved countless favorable pre-suit outcomes and trial verdicts in contractual disputes arisen out of:

  • Failure to Pay
  • Failure to Meet your Obligations i.e. Perform
  • Breach of Confidentiality
  • Breach of Non-Solicitation and Non-Competition Covenants
  • Breach of Warranties and Representations
  • Insurance Coverage and Indemnification Disputes
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA), License, and Other Contractual Disputes
  • Disputes Involving Mandatory ADR and Governing Law

Intellectual Property (IP) Disputes

IP infringement allegations present a unique and vast set of challenges, When your valuable intellectual property is on the line, you need to get in touch with our team of senior IP litigation attorneys and consultants as soon as possible. Infringers who have been served with a motion for injunctive relief also need to act immediately to defend their interests, and we encourage them to contact us in due time. Our law firm diligently provides both IP owners and infringers with the aggressive legal representation they deserve. Our extensive experience in IP litigation includes obtaining favorable results in various IP matters including:

  • Trademarks and service marks
  • Trade secrets
  • Trade dress
  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Proprietary information

Corporate Espionage, Hacking, and Privacy Disputes

For most businesses, their data are significantly valuable assets, requiring optimal protection. Corporate entities targeted by corporate espionage or hackers or involved in data privacy breaches must take legal action immediately. Our law firm diligently represents clients involved in such matters, including assisting with data privacy compliance and breach response and we ensure that your company’s reputation and data are optimally secure.

Fraud-related Disputes

Our law firm is uniquely positioned to efficiently overcome the many different challenges presented by business fraud disputes. Whether you are a prospective plaintiff or defendant, you need our team’s unmatched experience and expertise to protect your assets, favorably resolve the dispute and move forward. Our outstanding experience in all types of business fraud disputes includes those involving corporate, insurance, consumer, contract, and bank fraud.

Tortious Interference Cases

At The Criminal Defense Firm, our trusted team of senior attorneys and former federal agents diligently and zealously represents clients involved in these types of cases. We conduct thorough corporate investigations to collect valuable evidence that helps us assess the merits of the claims, and where appropriate and possible, we advocate the use of ADR procedures to bring an efficient and prompt resolution to complex business litigation while minimizing delays and costs.

Employment Disputes

These disputes involve both employee allegations and allegations against employees. At The Criminal Defense Firm, our business litigation team aggressively represents employers in all and any types of employment litigation matters at the federal and state matters. When your company’s reputation and assets are at stake, strategic decision making, sound judgment, and efficiency are crucial to minimizing risks and favorably resolving the dispute. Our senior litigators and consultants will properly evaluate the merits of the allegations and identify the risks ( e.g. employees complaining on social media) to determine the best defense strategy.

Our extensive experience includes litigation in Texas’s federal district courts and state courts as well as administrative hearings before the Texas Workforce Commission, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and various agencies. Our team has secured favorable end results for employers in Houston, throughout Texas and nationwide in matters such as:

  • Employment contract disputes
  • Harassment and discrimination allegations
  • Intellectual property infringement claims
  • Wage disputes
  • Wrongful termination litigation

Antitrust and Securities Law Allegations

If your business is facing alleged federal securities or antitrust law violations or another business’ statutory violations, confidently turn this serious matter over to our team of senior litigators and consultants. With an outstanding experience diligently representing clients in securities and antitrust litigation matters between private parties as well as in compliance matters and enforcement proceedings, our team at The Criminal Defense Firm excels at protecting your rights both in the near term and the long term, and efficiently obtaining the best possible results.

We Efficiently Provide Emergency Litigation in Houston, TX

If your business is involved in a business litigation matters that bear no delay, such as the so-called “bet-the-company” disputes, wisely count on The Criminal Defense Firm to defend your rights and interests on an emergency basis. We take great pride in our ability to strategically and efficiently handle emergency business litigation Houston, Texas-wide and nationwide, and scale a goal-oriented defense or prosecution that fits your specific business and legal needs.

Our emergency litigation team in Houston, TX represents clients in a wide array of matters.

Contact The Criminal Defense Firm 24/7 to Discuss Your Case with a Senior Business Litigation Attorney

When your company’s financial assets, IP assets, and reputation are on the line, as a discerning business owner, you simply cannot afford to be represented by a junior attorney with insufficient expertise in handling business litigation matters and little to no experience in federal and state court.

Rest assured that, when you wisely choose The Criminal Defense Firm, you will benefit from top-tier legal representation provided by our reputable team of senior litigation attorneys and veteran special agents. We are readily accessible to assist you in any business litigation matter right away, 24/7. To arrange a confidential consultation with one of our senior litigation attorneys at our Houston, TX office, be sure to get in touch with us by phone at 713-454-7814. Alternatively, do not hesitate to request a free assessment of your case online.

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