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Medical Disability Fraud

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Experienced Legal Defense for Americans Accused of Fraudulent SSD, SSI, Welfare, or Insurance Claims

If there is anything more difficult than coping with life after a disability, it is being accused of medical disability fraud (a crime) on top of everything else.

Unfortunately, that is a common reality for so many disability victims in America.

The government is on a mission to put a clamp on fraud, and that’s an admirable goal. No one applauds fraud. But in so many cases, we have seen innocent accident victims or veterans become unfairly accused of a crime — all because of a simple oversight, an accidental omission, or a statement that was misunderstood.

If you have been accused of medical disability fraud, it’s important you understand how vigorously the government pursues these cases.

The prosecutors will be zealous, and the potential penalties are steep.

Accordingly, it is absolutely imperative that you seek legal defense from an experienced Medical Disability Fraud lawyer as early as possible. You have options and rights, but you can’t count on government agents to protect those for you.

Strategic legal representation may very well mean the difference between keeping your freedom or going to prison.

Let us help. Oberheiden, P.C. is a criminal defense law firm that focuses on health care fraud cases, including medical disability fraud, and services clients across the nation. We represent Social Security and welfare recipients, policyholders, injury victims, physicians, health care providers, and others who’ve been targeted in government investigations – or who’ve been accused of dishonest behavior by an insurance corporation.

The other side will work relentlessly against you. You deserve to have someone fighting just as hard on your side. Call Oberheiden, P.C. right away.

How Fraud Cases Begin without You Realizing It

Some fraud prosecutions are classic cases of an individual intentionally scheming to steal money from the government by lying. Even in those cases, of course, the defendant deserves thorough and determined legal representation.

You might be surprised to learn, though, that many allegations of disability fraud are based on “little things.” A fact that simply slipped your mind when applying for disability benefits, for example, can be twisted out of shape and made to look like an outright lie.

Disability fraud cases can stem from:

  • False accusations made against you by third-party witnesses
  • Qui tam lawsuits
  • Accidental misstatements on applications
  • Simple miscommunication with government or insurance agents
  • Insurance bad faith (for example, when an insurance company accuses you of falsifying a claim even though they don’t have any real evidence to support that accusation)

Different Types of Medical Disability Fraud

Fraud might involve any number of public or private benefits programs or policies, including:

  • Social Security disability insurance fraud (SSD / SSDI)
  • Supplemental Security Income fraud (SSI)
  • Insurance fraud (false claims submitted under private insurance policies)
  • Veterans’ Affairs disability fraud
  • Medicare / Medicaid fraud
  • Welfare fraud
  • Workers’ compensation fraud
  • Other kinds of health care fraud

Common Examples of Medical Disability Fraud

For individuals receiving disability benefits, fraud can include:

  • Claiming you are disabled when you are not
  • Exaggerating your injuries or disabilities
  • Submitting a false workers’ compensation claim
  • Providing false answers / information when applying for insurance coverage
  • Failing to report earned income for needs-based disability benefits
  • Failing to notify the relevant program if your condition improves sooner than expected

Doctors and health care providers, meanwhile, can commit fraud by:

  • Exaggerating a patient’s injury, illness, or disability
  • Otherwise assisting in the submission of false information or a false claim

How Our Medical Disability Fraud Defense Lawyers Can Help

Disability fraud is an intent crime. In other words, it isn’t enough for the government to show that you submitted false information. Prosecutors must also be able to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you did so knowingly and with the intent to fraudulently procure benefits.

Prosecutors aren’t mind readers, so we are often able to mount a compelling defense against the intent element, calling on the vast resources and deep experience of our firm. As skilled negotiators, we even talk directly with the prosecution in many cases to convince them their case will lose in court and that it is in their best interest (and yours) to drop all charges.

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Oberheiden, P.C. is a team of former federal prosecutors who now provide robust legal defense to people prosecuted for health care fraud.

Our goal is to achieve the best results for you because of our relentless work, our command of the law, and our decades of experience in this complex and specific legal area.

Our medical disability defense lawyers are available seven days a week, even on weekends, to talk about your case and how we might help. Our services are available nationwide. Oberheiden, P.C. represents people all across the United States. Please get in touch with us right away.

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