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Possible Consequences of Being Ticketed on an Occupational Driver’s License (ODL)

In Texas, if your driver’s license gets suspended, you may have the option to apply for an occupational driver’s license (ODL). An ODL is a form of restricted license that allows you to drive only as necessary to (i) go...Read More

Violation of Supervised Release/Probation – The Consequences

If you are convicted of a felony, your sentence will likely include a period of supervised release, better known as probation. During probation, you will be under the supervision of a probation officer, and you will be prohibited from doing...Read More

Selling Fake Drugs – Can You Be Held Liable?

It happens all the time. Someone thinks they can make a quick buck selling aspirin as oxy. If the drugs aren’t really drugs and no one gets hurt, it seems the action would be legal. However, that is wrong. The...Read More

Why You Need Former Federal Prosecutors on Your Side

Oberheiden, P.C. has the strong advantage of having former federal prosecutors and experienced defense counsel on our team. Federal prosecutors are the people who are bringing a case against our clients. It’s their job to bring charges against people and...Read More

Steps to Take if You’re Accused of Tax Fraud

The IRS does not take kindly to individuals and corporations committing fraud against them. Failing to file taxes, filing false tax returns and hiding money from the IRS are the top reasons for investigations. If you are being accused of...Read More

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