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Drug Possession

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Dallas Drug Possession Defense Lawyers

Drug use is on the rise in American society, and so too are prosecutions for alleged drug crimes. State and federal governments alike have doubled down on their efforts to put drug users behind bars, often with shockingly unfair outcomes.

The crime of drug possession is a favorite among prosecutors, but it’s also one of the most over-charged criminal allegations in the American justice system.
Too often, people who have only a very small amount of a substance in their possession are targeted as rough-and-tumble drug criminals, the result of prosecutorial exaggeration and law enforcement’s overreach.

The truth is that many of these suspects are low-level drug offenders – perhaps trying a substance for the first time – and what they truly need is assistance for a burgeoning addiction, not ruthless prosecution or incarceration.

Even more disturbingly, some people charged with drug possession in Texas were never in possession of drugs at all. These “wrong place, wrong time” situations are more common than most people realize, and they can quickly spiral into astounding injustice.

The Government Is Aggressive in Drug Possession Cases

The general public is largely unaware of just how aggressive police and prosecutors can be in drug cases.

For example, did you know that the majority of traffic stops in many Texas counties are for the sole purpose of finding drugs? Police routinely pull people over for speeding or some other traffic violation, hoping that they will be able to pin a much tougher crime on them, even if the officers had no reason to suspect drug use or possession at the time of the stop.

Once charged with a crime, defendants face an uphill battle. The government enjoys incredible power and limitless resources. The potential penalties are staggering, and too many people go to prison for longer than they should because they chose to face the charges alone.

If you have been charged with drug possession in Texas or at the federal level, you owe it to yourself to get the best possible legal representation right away. Don’t expect the criminal justice system to protect you by itself, even if you are entirely innocent.

With experienced Dallas drug possession defense lawyers, though, you do have a chance of defeating these charges. Get in touch with her today!

Compassionate Legal Representation with the Goal of Dismissing the Charges

The Oberheiden, P.C. is dedicated to defending people who stand to lose their reputations, their finances, or their freedom in the face of governmental prosecution.

We understand how frequently trumped-up these charges are. We also understand that everyone makes mistakes. The penalties for drug possession are simply too steep, and no one deserves to spend their entire life paying for a single error in judgment.

Our Dallas drug possession defense lawyers have made a real difference for so many Texans charged with possession crimes. We understand how to tackle and combat these charges.

In every case, our goal is to achieve a dismissal of the charges so that you go home as a free person with a clean record. Let us help.

Possession with Intent to Distribute

Depending on the amount of substance allegedly within your possession at the time of your arrest, your charge could be escalated from a simple possession case to possession with intent to distribute (PWID) instead.

PWID is an even more serious offense. The sole distinction between ordinary possession and PWID is whether the prosecution believes you intended to give away or sell some of your drugs to other people.

They don’t need actual evidence of a drug sale to bring this charge against you. Merely having a large amount of the drug – or even a large amount of cash, substances that have been individually packaged, or records of frequent phone calls or text messages with potential customers – can be enough for the prosecution to “infer” your intent to distribute.

It’s a scary situation, and you need someone who knows the ropes to help you fight back. Our Dallas drug possession defense lawyers have the experience and track record you need to protect yourself.

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We care about what happens to you. When you hire Oberheiden, P.C., you are leveraging our years of experience, proven strategies, and undying passion – all with the goal of defeating these charges once and for all.

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