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Drug Trafficking

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Lawyers for Federal Drug Trafficking Charges and Investigations

Under federal law, drug trafficking is among the most aggressively prosecuted crimes. If convicted, sentences range from several years to life in federal prison.

Drug trafficking is among the most aggressively prosecuted crimes under federal law. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) fights hard to obtain convictions for drug trafficking, and if you are facing charges, you need experienced, aggressive legal representation. At Oberheiden, P.C., we have successfully represented clients throughout the country against federal charges. Our criminal defense lawyers can help achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Drug Trafficking Explained

Trafficking encompasses a group of crimes that involve conducting illegal business with controlled substances. These include the manufacturing, sale, distribution, and transportation of illicit drugs such as:

Defending Against Federal Drug Trafficking Charges

In order to bring trafficking charges against you, the government must be able to show that the amount of drugs in your possession or involved in your operation exceeds a minimum threshold. The amount required for trafficking charges varies based on the drugs involved. For smaller quantities, you are more likely to face charges of possession or possession with intent to distribute.

If you are facing state or federal drug trafficking charges, it is important to speak with an attorney right away. You may have several defenses available; but, the longer you wait to build your defense, the harder it will become to win your case in court or convince the prosecutor to drop your charges.

Depending on the facts of your case, our criminal defense attorneys and former federal prosecutors may be able to assert the following defenses in order to help you avoid conviction, obtain lesser charges, or reduce your sentence for drug trafficking:

  • False Arrest or Police Misconduct – In order to arrest you, the police and federal agents must have “probable cause” to do so. This means that they must have credible evidence that gives them a reasonable belief that you have committed a crime. Searches and seizures must also be conducted in accordance with the law. If you were arrested without probable cause or subjected to an illegal search or seizure, we can use this to your advantage.
  • Failure to Read Miranda Rights – Once you are taken into custody, the government must notify you of your Miranda rights prior to conducting any questioning. If you were interrogated without being read your rights, we may be able to exclude your statements from evidence at trial.
  • Lack of Evidence – Oftentimes, police and federal agents will make arrests and prosecutors will bring charges based on the testimony of confidential informants. Confidential informants are notoriously unreliable and we may be able to challenge the credibility of the government’s star witness.
  • Lack of Knowledge – In order to convict you for trafficking, the government must provide that you were intentionally in possession of illegal drugs. If you were transporting drugs without your knowledge or otherwise were unaware of your role in a trafficking operation, we can use this to argue against any criminal culpability.
  • Incorrect Weight or Chemical Composition – If the government improperly calculated the weight of the drugs in your possession or incorrectly characterized their chemical composition, these are facts we will use to fight against your charges. We can also bring in trusted professionals to challenge the government’s determinations and cast doubt on the prosecutor’s case.

This is just a small sampling of some of the most common defenses available in cases involving federal drug trafficking. When you meet with us for your free case evaluation, we will seek to identify all possible defenses that we can use to beat your charges or minimize the consequences of your arrest.

Penalties for Drug Trafficking

In the United States, drug trafficking is prosecuted at both the state and federal levels. If you were arrested for trafficking across state lines, you are almost certainly facing federal charges. For many states, penalties for drug trafficking include fines and incarceration ranging anywhere from 180 days in jail to life behind bars.

If you are convicted of trafficking in controlled substances in federal court, you will most likely face several years, if not decades, in prison. You may also be forced to pay hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in fines. Read more here about the federal sentencing guidelines for drug trafficking.

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