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Dallas DWI Defense Lawyers

As most people understand by now, drunk driving is incredibly dangerous. A lot of heartbreaking stories have begun with a few too many drinks, and that’s why we all want to discourage impaired driving to the greatest extent possible.

Texas police are particularly aggressive in their efforts to crack down on drunk driving. They actively look for roadway behaviors that might indicate impairment. It isn’t uncommon for police to set up checkpoints, patrol areas near local bars and pubs, or pull over drivers just to see if they’ve been drinking.

In other words, police aren’t just responding to drunk driving – they are actively and aggressively looking for every opportunity to arrest someone.

Too often, innocent people are wrongfully arrested for drunk driving in Texas.

The tests that police use to confirm a driver’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) are extremely unreliable. That is a fact, and it’s one that the courts are aware of. But you can’t count on the courts to toss these results out on their own. You need an experienced and capable defense team to challenge these tests for you.

If you are currently facing DWI charges, you need to take immediate action to protect yourself from the enormous ramifications of conviction, which can include:

  • Time behind bars
  • Suspended driver’s license
  • Hefty fines
  • Big hikes in your auto insurance premiums
  • Difficulty finding or maintaining employment
  • A ruined reputation
  • And much more

At The Oberheiden, P.C., we have helped many people just like you as they faced staggering DWI charges in Texas. Our experienced team of Dallas DWI defense lawyers has frequently been able to get these charges dropped, keep driving privileges intact, and protect our clients’ reputations. Let us fight for you.

The Difference Between DUI and DWI in Texas

Some states use similar or identical definitions for the terms “DUI” and “DWI,” so you might hear people talk about them as though they’re the same thing. But that isn’t true in Texas.

In The Lone Star State, DUI and DWI are two related – but nevertheless totally separate – criminal offenses.

DUI (driving under the influence) pertains exclusively to drivers under the age of 21. DWI, meanwhile, can apply to drivers of any age. This web page looks at DWI in particular.

DWI refers to driving while impaired. Alcohol is the most common cause of impairment in these cases, though the statute can also be used to prosecute instances of drugged driving.

In terms of alcohol impairment, conviction requires a BAC level of 0.08 or higher. The burden is on the state to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the test results are accurate and that you were illegally impaired while driving. We are often able to defeat those allegations in court (or even outside of court, by persuading the prosecutor that the charges against you can’t stand).

Note that DWI is a misdemeanor, though the charges can be much more severe in a number of cases, including these scenarios:

  • The BAC was above 0.15
  • The driver had an open container of alcohol within his or her possession
  • At least one passenger is under the age of 15
  • The driver caused bodily harm to someone else (intoxication assault)
  • The driver caused death to someone else (intoxication manslaughter)
  • The driver is disorderly during an encounter with law enforcement
  • And more

Depending on the circumstances, a DWI charge can become a serious misdemeanor, or even a felony.

Don’t Try to Handle Texas DWI Charges on Your Own

Some people mistakenly believe that DWI is a mere traffic offense. It is not. It is a serious criminal charge, complete with a trial in criminal court. You should not plead guilty without a lawyer’s advice. You should not go to court alone. You should not try to defend yourself.

The stakes here are high. From the moment of arrest, you have a limited time window in which to respond. The sooner you have experienced Dallas DWI defense lawyers on your side, the better. Your attorney team can help you avoid the common mistakes that get so many people in trouble when they’re trying to navigate a DWI charge on their own.

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DWI is a serious charge, and you owe it to yourself to secure the best possible criminal defense.

At Oberheiden, P.C., we will fight to:

  • Get the charges dropped
  • Clear your record
  • Save your driver’s license
  • Avoid insurance premium hikes
  • Protect your good name

Please do not delay. Call our Dallas DWI defense lawyers at 1-888-727-5154 or contact us online for a free consultation today.

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