Aprile Whitesell

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Aprile Whitesell

DEA Diversion Investigator (Ret.)

Aprile Whitesell is a recently retired DEA Diversion Investigator with 29 years of experience in the areas of Controlled Substances Act, record keeping, inventory, and pharmacy auditing.

DEA Career. Diversion Investigator Whitesell served the Atlanta Field Division Office of the Drug Enforcement Administration for 29 years as a Diversion Investigator, Acting Diversion Group Supervisor, Diversion Investigator Counselor, and member of the DEA Tactical Diversion Squad. In these capacities, Ms. Whitesell worked closely with various U.S. Attorney’s Offices, state law enforcement agencies, and local officials to monitor and enforce the legitimate manufacturing, distributing, importing, exporting, prescribing, administering, recordkeeping, and dispensing of controlled substances. Ms. Whitesell was essential to hundreds of diversion investigations, investigative reports, search warrants, civil and criminal prosecutions, grand jury proceedings, and criminal trials.

Client Services. Ms. Whitesell conducts inspections and audits of pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, pain management clinics, and other DEA Controlled Substances Act licensees to ensure full compliance with all DEA and federal law regulations. Ms. Whitesell offers specialized expertise in the areas of Methamphetamine Control Act, the Chemical Diversion and Trafficking Act, and chemical manufacturing.

Education. Ms. Whitesell graduated with a Bachelor of Science and with an Associate of Science degree from the University of South Carolina.

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