Christine A. Hanley

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Christine A. Hanley— still holding Top Secret Clearance— is a former U.S. Secret Service and DOJ/DEA Special Agent with particular expertise in the areas of national security, counterterrorism, international financial crimes, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

Client Services. Ms. Hanley offers clients under federal investigation, national security review, or subject to extradition her senior law enforcement and leadership experience. While with the U.S. Department of Justice, Ms. Hanley played a central role as the Supervisory Special Agent of the Special Operations Division (and the Office of Special Intelligence) in U.S. domestic and international investigations in Europe and Africa. Often with her overseas counterparts, SA Hanley spearheaded joined criminal investigations between the United States and foreign countries ultimately leading to her diplomatic promotion to the Acting United States Attaché to Belgium. Previously, Ms. Hanley was assigned to the overseas protection of President George W. Bush and President Bill Clinton.

Education. Ms. Hanley holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Pennsylvania State University. Additionally, Ms. Hanley completed specialized government training such as Blackwater Training, U.S. State Department training for embassy security and personal security, Advanced Protection Training for Private Security Services and Risk Management, Group Supervisor Training, and Security Overseas Training.

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