Christine C. Leung

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Christine C. Leung

NYPD Detective (ret.)

Christine Leung is a veteran NYPD detective and the former Police Commissioner’s Liaison. She has substantial experience in national security, organized crime, and federal task force investigations. Detective Leung is fluent in the Chinese dialects of Mandarin and Cantonese.

Government Services. Ms. Leung served the NYPD in numerous leadership positions. Just a few years after graduating from the NYPD Police Academy, Ms. Leung became first the Chief of Narcotics and then the Chief of Detectives to include the Special Investigation Division and the Major Case Squad. After 15 years of investigating cases, Detective Leung was then promoted to the Chief of Department at NYPD and ultimately selected to serve as the NYPD Police Commissioner’s Liaison. In that latter capacity, Ms. Leung reported directly to the Commissioner on all issues of policy, law enforcement activities, and community updates. For years, Ms. Leung oversaw the protection of dignitaries visiting New York.

Client Services. Ms. Leung assists clients of The Criminal Defense Firm in national security and financial crime investigations.

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