David Wickey

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David Wickey

Former Supervisory Diversion Investigator, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA, U.S Department of Justice)

Biography. Mr. Wickey spent 21 years in federal law enforcement as a federal police officer at the Veterans Administration and at DEA as a Diversion Investigator and Supervisory Diversion Investigator in Arizona and Florida. Here he carried out the DEA mission in fighting the opioid crisis and controlled substance abuse to ensure compliance with the Controlled Substances Act and its implementing regulations. His cases ran the gamut from criminal investigations to civil and administrative cases.

Mr. Wickey specializes in compliance consulting services and has extensive knowledge regarding the DEA Diversion Control program and possesses the experience and training to assist clients with a myriad of DEA related criminal, civil and administrative issues.
As a Supervisory Diversion Investigator, Mr. Wickey provided oversight/investigation of all regulatory compliance inspections and investigations of DEA registrants, and civil and criminal investigations of pharmaceutical controlled substance diversion in southern Florida.

Mr. Wickey retired from the U.S. Air Force after twenty years of service. He held a variety of positions within the U.S. military including Superintendent of Police Investigations, Security Police investigator, and counter drug intelligence investigator.

Education and Training. Mr. Wickey’s specialized training includes DEA Diversion Investigator Training Academy at Quantico, VA; the Reid Interviews and Interrogation training program; U.S. Military Police Investigator School; and USAF Security Police (law enforcement specialist) Training Academy.

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