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Elizabeth Stepp

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Elizabeth K. Stepp

Litigation Counsel
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Education. Ms. Stepp is a graduate of Yale Law School. At Yale, Ms. Stepp was a senior editor of the Yale Law Journal and winner of the Potter Stewart Prize for best trial brief and best team performance in moot court. She served as a law clerk to both trial and appellate judges on the federal and state levels. She is the co-author of Exhibits and Other Evidence of the Case as published in the Fifth Circuit Trial Practice Guide and she has taught continuing legal education on proceedings in the Texas Court of Appeals. Ms. Stepp received her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University (summa cum laude).

Litigation. With more than twenty years of experience in high-stakes, complex litigation proceedings throughout the country, Ms. Stepp offers clients the preparation, courtroom dominance, and experience needed to convince judges and juries in state and federal litigation matters. Ms. Stepp has successfully led litigation and trial teams around the country, including in Texas, New York, Delaware, Colorado, Florida, and California. When time is of the essence, Ms. Stepp has both obtained and successfully defended emergency litigation proceedings such as restraining orders and preliminary injunctions.

Appeals. Ms. Stepp is a recognized appellate attorney. While some clients approach Ms. Stepp when all other options have failed and recourse to a state or federal court of appeal is the last option to protect a client’s interests, other clients hire Ms. Stepp while their case is still at the trial level to pursue proven litigation strategies and to ensure that legal arguments are properly conserved and secured for appellate review. In criminal cases, Ms. Stepp assists clients that were unsuccessful at trial and that are now seeking post-conviction appeals, in particular of Medicare fraud convictions.

Ms. Stepp is a member of the Texas and New York state bars.

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