Karina Caione

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Ms. Caione received her Bachelor of Laws from Faculdade UPIS, in Bras lia, Brazil. She completed her postgraduate studies at the University Candido Mendes in Rio de Janeiro, specializing in Brazilian customs and tax law (noting that her final course assignment was a cross-national study of litigation procedure among states and citizens).

Before moving to the U.S., Ms. Caione represented banks, educational institutions, as well as individual clients in a variety of legal matters. “Moreover, as part of her commitment to community service, she also volunteered to represent domestic violence victims.” Whether in her private or volunteer practice, Ms. Caione works expansively with a keen sense of detail to achieve the best results for her clients.

Karina is a member Attorney of the Brazilian Bar Association and is currently a Master’s Degree candidate at Rutgers University’s School of Criminal Justice. Karina’s present research interest and professional focus is crime prevention, public safety, and national security.


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