Mary Roch

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Mary Roch’e

DEA Diversion Program Manager (Ret.)

Mary Roch’e retired from Federal service after serving 38 years, 28 of which were spent in various positions with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). As a former executive leader, Ms. Roch’e served as Diversion Program Manager over DEA’s Washington Division, Deputy Chief of DEA’s Registration and Program Support Section, and Acting Executive Assistant for DEA’s Office of Diversion Control.

DEA Career. Ms. Roche’s DEA career spanned a myriad of positions. While maintaining her Top-Secret Clearance, Ms. Roch’e worked as a Diversion Investigator and Supervisory Diversion Investigator, assigned to DEA’s Washington Division. Upon being promoted to DEA Headquarters, Ms. Roch’e served in the following positions: Staff Coordinator/Liaison and Policy Section, and Acting Executive Assistant/Office of Diversion Control, Deputy Chief/Registration and Program Support Section. The last DEA position held was that of Diversion Program Manager for the Washington Division.

DEA Compliance Services. Diversion Investigator Roch’e offers DEA registrants (i.e., pharmacies, pharmacists, prescribing physicians, and others) unique insight, guidance, and direction with regard to DEA compliance matters and enforcement. She is adept with understanding and application of the Controlled Substances Act, and 21 Code of Federal Regulations. Ms. Roch’e has spent significant time conducting compliance reviews, accountability audits, executing requests for orders to show cause, voluntary surrenders, and requesting administrative inspection/search warrants (typically in coordination with state regulatory boards, State and/or US Attorney’s Offices and criminal investigators). She can readily assist clients who have voluntarily surrendered their DEA Registration due to past diversion issues to become reinstated.

Awards and Education. Ms. Roche’s service and diversion expertise has been recognized repeatedly during her DEA career. Awards include the DOJ/DEA Administrator’s Award for Exceptional Performance, DOJ/US Attorney’s Office Public Service Award, and, a number of DOJ/DEA Exceptional Performance Awards. Ms. Roch’e earned a Master of Arts I Legal Studies from Antioch University in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.

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