Sabina Veneziano

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Sabina Veneziano

Ph.D. (Cand.), CPA, J.D. (Georgetown), LL.M. (NYU), MBA

A distinct scholar and attorney, Ms. Sabina Veneziano advises clients on the enforceability of congressional subpoenas and defense strategies against investigations through congressional committees (e.g., CFIUS). Sabina has published extensively in the areas of national security law, U.S. foreign relations, and international law.

Congressional Investigations. Are congressional subpoenas enforceable? What happens if you don’t comply with a subpoena or refuse to testify before Congress? Clients under congressional subpoena or investigation contact The Criminal Defense Firm to benefit from the firm’s profound experience in Washington D.C. political and legal circles. Ms. Veneziano is one of the points of contact for all legal proceedings before the House and the U.S. Senate. Substantively, Ms. Veneziano’s experience includes federal law and international law with a special emphasis on U.S. constitutional law, constitutional procedural law, and federal law governing U.S. foreign relations.

Education & Recent Publications. Ms. Veneziano holds a J.D., CPA, LL.M., M.B.A., B.S., and she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. from King’s College in London. She is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center in Washington D.C., where she earned her Juris Doctor degree. She then pursued an LL.M. degree from NYU School of Law. At NYU, she was the Graduate Editor of NYU’s Journal of International Law & Politics. Previously, Ms. Veneziano earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management from Western Governors University. Recent publications include:

  • An Untold Story: The Use of FCN Treaties to Challenge Discriminatory State Statutes. 55 U.S.F. L. Rev. 31 (2020).
  • A Brief Criticism of the United States’ Strategic Actions in Three Pending ICJ Cases. 51 N.Y.U. J. Int’l L. & Pol. 965 (2019).
  • Examining the Modern Use of the Exclusionary Rule and the Danger of Its Expansion. 55 Gonz. L. Rev. 73 (2019).
  • The Right to Consular Notification: The Cultural Bridge to a Foreign National’s Due Process Rights. 49 Geo. J. Int’l L. 501 (2017).

Admission. Sabina is admitted to practice law in New York; and she passed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Examinations in 2015.

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