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Valerie Rivera

Private Investigator
Phone: (786) 751-3247

Ms. Valerie Rivera is a Certified Polygraph Examiner and Licensed Private Investigator with substantial experience in the areas of internal investigations, corporate compliance, gathering of counter-evidence, and witness interviews.

Background. Ms. Rivera started her professional career as a probation officer for the Florida Department of Corrections. Since Ms. Rivera has served clients and Florida law firms as a private investigator and witness coordinator in corporate investigations of statewide and national significance.

Services. Ms. Rivera offers her expertise to The Criminal Defense Firm attorneys and clients primarily to conduct and assist with internal investigations, corporate compliance assessments, and as a witness coordinator. Under the umbrella of the attorney-client privilege, Ms. Rivera utilizes her profound investigative experience to conduct interviews, background checks, and to coordinate chain of custody and evidentiary issues. Among her long list of state and federal investigations are complex healthcare fraud cases (Department of Labor, Medicare Fraud, Illegal Kickbacks, and Billing Fraud Investigations), wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering, tax fraud, Controlled Substances Act matters, and capital homicide cases.

Education. Ms. Rivera holds a B.S. in Criminology from Florida State University and she is a Certified Polygraph Examiner.

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