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Our top-notch reviews are the result of hard work, dedicated services, and living up to our pledge of honesty and client commitment. We have amassed a substantial track record of success. At The Criminal Defense Firm, we have helped clients avoid criminal prosecution, as well as have protected countless businesses all over the United States from unconstitutional intrusion, and have passionately defended good people in courts all over the country. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself what others have said about us:

Kirtan 2.
I would recommend Nick Oberheiden and his team in a heartbeat. I was facing a legal issue that was promptly resolved by the firm. Highly recommend the expertise of the staff. Thank you.
j A.
Nick has been there since the beginning. Throughout this experience he has had made me feel like my case is his most important. He excels in his area of law and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone that needs assistance. I am honored to have had him help me through this period.
Shaunna R.
Quick response, very knowledgeable, passionate, with a caring team with real experiencewith the same federal agencies that I was corresponding with (Roger Bach!) thus making all the legal concerns understandable. I would recommend to any other health care professional or would use Nick Oberheiden again if ever needed. Thank you!
Lisa K.
I am compelled to recommend Nick Oberheiden after dealing with many blood thirsty attorneys. Nick was extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. His expertise and relationships in the realm of federal healthcare is great. I wish I would have called him sooner. If you are facing a federal investigation or suit, make Nick the first call you make. He really cares and is looking out for his clients best interest. His expertise has allowed my situation that seemed so daunting to be very manageable.
Amir K.
I found myself in an unfortunate situation with the federal government. I hired Nick Oberheiden as my attorney and it has been a life saving decision. His expertise and knowledge along with his commitment is superior and of utmost importance in federal cases. Nick has kept his word throughout this stressful process and helped me receive the best possible outcome. You will not regret hiring Nick and his law firm to defend you!!!
Matt H.
Over the past decade I have plenty of experience with health care and federal attorneys. The one that has stood by far above and beyond the most intelligent, thoughtful, straight-forward, and strategic in defense and actions has been Nick Oberheiden. Nick has achieved results that others claim they could not. He has taken on circumstances that felt as if not winnable, and worked to create a positive outcome. Nick has become a rock and support person through my troubling time and a beacon of hope and action that things will come out in the best possible manner. There is no attorney that I could support more then Dr. Oberheiden.
Katherine R.
Dr Nick Oberheiden is a truly excellent attorney in every way! He’s knowledgeable and responds to all phone calls and emails swiftly. He is concise, and puts information in understandable terms. He is happy to explain and clarify any confusing matters or material. He will put your mind at ease immediately. For me, it was like a superhero was protecting and helping me through what was one of the most stressful situations of my professional life! Nick is worth every single bit of the five star rating from me, and from other clients who have given him five star reviews as well!
John P.
We needed legal service and advise, Nick Oberheiden made a bad situation better. Prompt service, responded to email , and phone calls, addressed the problem professionally and on time. Would highly recomend them.
Joseph N.
I have conferred and worked with Nick on several healthcare fraud defense cases, representing doctors, laboratory/pharmacy owners, durable medical equipment providers and marketing companies all investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice. Nick's level of expertise when it comes to the intricacies of medicare billing, operational regulations and corporate structure is unmatched. His experience and knowledge, combined with his high-level contacts within the Department of Justice, nationwide, make him an invaluable resource to anyone who finds themselves being investigated or audited by the Government. Nick is easy to communicate with, and goes above and beyond to make himself available to his clients and colleagues in their time of need.
Shawn C.
From the moment we walked into Nick’s office, he made us feel safe and secure. Nick exemplifies kindness and compassion for his clients, qualities that I have found rare with attorneys. Nicks passion and expertise in Healthcare and Law are unrivaled.I strongly encourage and recommend others to use Nick. Professionally, Nick is a Genius!
Greg M.
As a former supervising investigator with a large New York State agency investigating health care fraud, I have conferred with many defense attorneys over my thirty-year career. I can honestly say that I was not impressed with many of them, that is, until I met Dr. Nick Oberheiden. Not only is he an exceptional attorney, who provides his clients with expert strategic legal guidance, he is highly regarded for his extraordinary character and integrity. Nick is extremely ethical and always has his clients' best interests at heart. Today, I am proud, honored and privileged to work with Nick in assisting him with his clients' needs, whether it is to determine if they have any criminal liability or to proactively establish a compliance program to prevent them from falling victim to any government audit/investigation. Nick works very efficiently - saving his clients time and money. So, if you are looking for an attorney to represent you or to offer you expert guidance, don't hesitate and contact Dr. Nick Oberheiden. You'll be glad you did!
I was a federal agent for over 30 years and have worked with many of the most successful DOJ and DoD attorneys. Dr. Oberheiden leads a team made up of the best former Federal, State, local attorneys and investigators that can quickly assess any type of federal legal matter. The collective knowledge and experience of Dr. Oberheiden and his "Dream Team" have yielded successful outcomes in a significant number of federal legal matters which have benefited his clients time and time again! He and his team are determined to work each case to anticipate a prosecutor's case strategy and identity weaknesses in that strategy. Dr. Oberheiden is a relentless legal strategist that has earned him his favorable reputation among the legal community nationwide! If you want a reliable and results-oriented lawyer working for you, Oberheiden P.C. has my highest recommendation and confidence!
bill T.
During the past year, i had the privilege to work alongside Dr. Nick Oberheiden as a team-member defending the owners of a specialty pharmacy being investigated by the HHS-OIG and the USDOJ. Thanks to Nick's leadership, knowledge and expertise, "Team Oberheiden" earned the pharmacy and its owners exoneration from criminal and civil penalties. Case closed!
Jakob S.
Excellent lawyer! I have been very happy with his legal services and highly recommend Dr. Nick Oberheiden.
Jamie G
Nick was extremely professional, polite, helpful, and friendly. He put my friend at ease and made us feel welcome to be with her. He answered our questions even though we were just there for support. Would definitely recommend him to anyone and would use myself if ever needed.
Lorraine Emma De B.
Nick is not smart, he is BRILLIANT! He knows the proceedings of the court extremely well and is a genius when working with prosecutors and judges!He is extremely hard working, and although I knew he was working on multiple cases, every time we dealt with mine, he made me feel that my case is the most important to him. I will most certainly not be where I am, had it not been for Nick. I had worked with a couple of lawyers before Nick came so highly recommended to me, and I can tell you that he simply light years above them. Nick bats for the big leagues!!
Gamal A.
I am a retired FBI Special Agent, who worked extensively with many attorneys. I find Dr. Oberheiden ti be very knowledgeable of the healthcare issues. He has a vast knowledge of all federal violations. He is very conscientious about the benefits of his clients. I saw him working around the continent of North America to assist his clients. One of the great traits of the Oberheiden Law Firm, is that he tackles the allegations long before they reach the court stage. His capable staff is also very qualified and assist all clients as if they are the only client in their firm. I strongly recommend the Oberheiden Law Firm to anyone who has a federal case.
Anna P.
Nick is extremely professional and knows what he is doing. He is also very kind as a person (unless he is in court!) I would recommend him to just about anyone if they need an amazing lawyer that is top notch and would frankly be scary to face in the court room. He will always do a great job representing his clients. Thank you very much.
Jeff C.
Nick is the absolute top expert in any federal case
Whitney Bryant M.
Smart. Smarter. Nick.As a healthcare executive, I once ran into a litigation issue. I hired Nick and, literally, before I knew it the case was resolved in my favor. Nick has an incredible presence and every lawyer in the room knows that Nick will do exactly what he says. It was a mesmerizing experience to see Nick in action! Very calm and determined, Nick is the absolute top litigator.
Pamela M.
Nick has been a friend and trusted advisor for almost 10 years. As anyone just looking at his bio can tell, Nick is an outstanding attorney in highest demand across the country. All healthcare providers should hire attorney Nick Oberheiden!! You will not be disappointed.
Corban M.
Dr. Oberheiden has served as council and represented our company on several occasions, even during depositions, contract reviews and providing invaluable advice on multiple occasions that transpired into multilevel success in our business. He and his teams knowledge of both local, state and federal statues, accompanied by their areas of expertise law regarding best asset protection, estate planning and wealth management solutions have provided both professional and personal growth for my companies, safeguarding them and protection my family’s name and legacy. I would recommend this firm and Dr. Nick Oberheiden without hesitation. I have no doubt that you will experience success with his council.
Brendan C.
I have worked with Nick Oberheiden for over ten years on various litigation matters in and around New York City. Nick is an accomplished and seasoned lawyer and litigator---efficient, reliable, practical and, at the same time, highly academic. Nick will take the time necessary to understand a client's short- and long-term goals, and tailor his representation and advice to work toward and achieve those ends. Nick is a zealous advocate for his client, and will never sacrifice his client's interests for a quick or easy resolution to a case. At the end of the day, Nick is a great person to know if you or your business is in need of a top litigator or defense attorney.
Scarlett L.
When I was faced with one of the most terrifying and unexpected situations in my life, I called Dr. Oberheiden. I had vetted other attorneys and came right back to him. His knowledge, expertise, and reassuring presence made the decision easy. Throughout my case, his level of communication was what I needed and expected. He constantly updated me on the status and progress of my case and was able to “talk me off the ledge” when the stress of it all would set in. He is simply the best of the best...there’s not a question about it.
Jacqueline S.
Nick is a superb lawyer with exceptional skills and a formidable personality. Nick works harder, he thinks smarter, and he delivers faster than any lawyer you will ever find. Good, better, Nick!
Ed O.
1st class service. Atty. Iberheiden and Atty. Lynette Byrd were always available for us during the whole process of our Home Health Audit. Thank you so much!
I am a healthcare compliance consultant with almost 25 years of experience. The one advice I have for anyone seeking a lawyer with unbeatable healthcare law experience is to hire attorney Nick Oberheiden. For the past 8 years, I have worked with Nick on a variety of healthcare matters—from DEA compliance to DOL supervisory rules to setting up PT and pain management clinics. I have never once seen a client not being 100% intrigued by Nick’s proven expertise in the field of healthcare structuring and compliance.Dr. S.T.
Michael P
Nick Oberheiden is a spectacular lawyer, a true life saver. Nick is simply the very best!
Marshall M
Nick Oberheiden is the absolute best federal litigation attorney. Nick gives you the immediate comfort of feeling 100% protected. He is polite, respectful— and extremely compelling. His legal strategy turned out to be brilliant.
Chris A.
Great firm, with a great firm record of experienced healthcare and litigation attorneys.
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