Why You Need Former Federal Prosecutors on Your Side

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The Criminal Defense Firm has the strong advantage of having former federal prosecutors and experienced defense counsel on our team. Federal prosecutors are the people who are bringing a case against our clients. It’s their job to bring charges against people and to win judgments. They know the law. They know the process.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need a former federal prosecutor on your side:

  1. We know the law.
  2. We know the courts.
  3. We know the personnel.
  4. We know the other side’s strategies.
  5. We can anticipate their next move.

We Know The Law.

Our former federal prosecutors have years of experience in the criminal justice system. They have an in-depth understanding of criminal investigations, search warrants, witness interviews, grand jury, arraignments, preliminary hearings, motions, trials, and appeals. They’ve handled hundreds of criminal cases ranging from drug offenses, driving under the influence (DUI), murders, financial fraud, medical fraud, and identity theft. They know the laws that you’re being charged with, inside and out.

They also know how the police and investigators are supposed to obtain evidence and how a simple and honest mistake in the gathering of information can drastically change the outcome of a case. You need an experienced defense attorney that can fight for these little-understood nuances in the law.

We Know The Courts.

Having spent the majority of their professional lives inside the federal criminal courts, our former federal prosecutors understand the criminal justice process. They know the timelines and deadlines. In-depth knowledge of criminal procedure is paramount in winning a case.

We Know The Personnel.

Our former federal prosecutors have spent thousands of hours working alongside the criminal court personnel. They have established many outstanding relationships with law enforcement officials and criminal judges which may play to your advantage. They know how the judges think and react to certain types of people and evidence. You never know the benefits of having a familiar face on board.

We Know The Other Side’s Strategies.

When you work with a former federal prosecutor, you gain a unique perspective into how the government gathers and presents evidence to the court in order to obtain convictions. When a federal prosecutor becomes a criminal defense attorney, they bring with them valuable insight into the thought patterns, strategies, and potential actions of the opponent in a criminal defense case.

We can anticipate their next move.

They are skilled at anticipating the prosecution’s next move in order to prepare your defense accordingly. They are able to stay one step ahead and provide you with a well-rounded and thorough defense. Having advanced knowledge of what the prosecutor is going to do can help your criminal defense attorney combat and expose potential flaws that an ordinary criminal defense lawyer might not catch.

If you have been accused of a federal crime, the government is already building a case against you. To have the best chance of avoiding charges or having your charges dismissed, you need to quickly get experience on your side. The team at The Criminal Defense Firm includes experienced criminal defense lawyers, former federal prosecutors, and forensic investigators, and our attorneys have successfully helped hundreds of clients fight their federal criminal charges. To start fighting back, schedule a free case evaluation or call 866-603-4540 today.

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