Why You Need the Right Lawyer for Your Federal Drug Case?

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There are plenty of criminal defense lawyers who handle state court matters and are excellent at what they do. These lawyers spend their days working with their clients to address evidentiary matters that arise in state court, they are familiar with defenses to state crimes, they know the local state court rules inside and out, and they may even be familiar with the local state prosecutors and judges. But, what they often don’t know is federal criminal law.

Just like buying a house is different from buying a piece of commercial property, defending criminal charges in state court is different from defending charges at the federal level. The laws, rules, procedures, defenses, and people involved are all different. When your future is on the line, you need a lawyer who knows how to handle your specific situation. You need someone who has been there countless times before.

Taking on a Federal System that Favors Conviction

While the law provides that criminal defendants are innocent until proven guilty, the federal criminal justice system produces a higher rate of convictions than state justice systems. Federal drug crimes are serious business, and by the time you are arrested for something like trafficking, manufacturing, or a prescription drug offense, it is entirely possible that the government has already spent months building its case against you.

This, coupled with the inordinately complex system of rules and procedures governing everything from filing dates to what evidence can be admitted in court, means that defendants facing federal drug crimes are at a significant disadvantage without an experienced attorney on their side. Without a savvy, knowledgeable, and experienced attorney to represent you, you simply are not playing on a level playing field.

Defending Drug Charges in Federal Court

The fact of the matter is that there are numerous potential defenses to federal drug crimes. Presenting these defenses isn’t easy, and even knowing which ones are available requires the ability to thoroughly investigate a case and in-depth knowledge of federal criminal law. But, with the right attorney, you can start to gain the upper hand.

Whether you are in a position to negotiate a favorable plea deal or you need to fight for your freedom in federal court, arguing for dismissal starts with knowing what defenses are available. The right lawyer will be able to effectively present the best possible defenses to fight your federal case.

Centered on Dismissal

More than just knowing how to defend you, your lawyer needs to be willing to do so. While some lawyers seek to avoid trials and may even encourage their clients to take marginal deals, at The Criminal Defense Firm, we approach every case with one goal: Dismissal. With federal drug charges, not only your future, but your family’s future may be on the line. We understand this, and because of this, we want to do everything possible to help you win your case.

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